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Giving back: Bob Mora Owner and managing partner at Batture, LLC (New Orleans, LA), a firm dedicated to delivering outstanding results while creating powerful social and environmental change.


B atture is dedicated to the idea that a highly-inspired team can deliver outstanding results while also creating powerful social and environmental change. Mora leads the charge with his partner, Jennifer Snape. Mora talks about how making a positive impact on the industry and being of service to others are top of mind. “It’s very humbling to gain perspective on how much we take running water and infrastructure for granted,” Mora says. “I often wonder how our industry would be different if part of the requirement for professional licensure was working on a pro bono project helping a community in need.” A CONVERSATION WITH BOB MORA. The Zweig Letter: I see that you are an active member of Engineers Without Borders. Can you tell me a bit about your experience there? How do you go about helping engineers to identify pro bono opportunities locally and around the globe?

Bob Mora: I became involved with the New Orleans EWB chapter in 2011 and have been part of project teams in Guatemala and New Orleans. I’ve served in various official positions, but I view my role as recruiting new members, getting them involved, and identifying new project opportunities for the group. It’s really exciting to see people get on board with the idea of engineering being in service of others. I think if more engineers took steps to cultivate a mindset of service it would have a positive impact on our industry. TZL: How has COVID-19 impacted your firm’s policy on telecommuting/working remotely? BM: We went from remote work being optional for 90 percent of our firm (with people working remotely to varying degrees) to remote work being required for 100 percent of our firm. Our company’s infrastructure is set up for remote working, but there was still a learning curve for us. The 25 percent of our staff who have always worked remotely were awesome during this time. They


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