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with producers prior to the event, a rare but highly effective best practice recommended by Agent Link to boost show rates. THE RESULTS Agent Link’s highly targeted, multichannel approach with producer liaisons’ prequalification process generated nearly 300 RSVPs and a high show rate.The national marketing organization’s proactive outreach prior to the event likely played a key role in elevating the show rate, which reached as high as 40% at the Tampa event. Not only did the number of RSVPs and show rates exceed expectations, but some of the agents who attended also headed teams of their own. “Overall, I’d tell you this was very successful,” Kevin said about the entire series of recruitment events. More contracts are expected as follow- up recruitment actions continue. We couldn’t be more excited for Kevin and his team.These are the types of results organizations see when they work with Agent Link, and there’s also more to discover in this edition. Inside, we share the excitement that circulated around the launch of Agent Link’s first Top Producer Summit.Then, we help you identify the seven reasons most producer lists fail. It’s everything you need to know to take your recruitment to the next level.

Tampa, Kansas City, Salt Lake, and Chicago in the spring of 2019.The goal was to target prequalified, independent agents actively writing business.With the events just around the corner, there was no time to lose. Having observed Agent Link’s past performance with event promotion, Kevin O. reached out to the team for help.

F   rom the first event kick-off, it was clear to Kevin O., the national sales director for a national insurance marketing organization, that the campaign was off to a strong start.Then the results came, and they confirmed it — the recruitment events yielded hundreds of RSVPs, a high show rate, and the recruitment of new, qualified agents. “I think we should land around 40 agents in Tampa and about 30–35 in Chicago,” Kevin reported to the Agent Link team. Using prequalified, hypertargeted RSVPs, Kevin and his IMO saw incredible results. Here’s a closer look at how they kicked their recruitment into high gear. THE COMPANY Situated in the western United States, this national insurance marketing organization has been in business for nearly 40 years and services independent agents active in the senior market in all 50 states. THE CHALLENGE The organization was planning to hold five major recruitment events across the U.S. in Phoenix,

THE SOLUTION Working with Agent Link’s creative team, the first step was to handcraft event promotion messages and creative content that would stand out from the sea of sameness and generate interest in the event. Using precise segmentation in combination with the industry’s most comprehensive insurance agent database, found exclusively through Agent Link, senior market producers were targeted across multiple channels. Altogether, 150,000 promotional impressions were made via email, telephone, and social media. Agents who responded were prequalified by Agent Link’s producer liaisons, who ensured all leads met the organization’s precise agent specifications. Producer liaisons are known for their honed sales instinct and knack for relationship-building. Prior to each event, email and text reminders were sent, and liaisons made reminder calls. The national marketing organization’s client managers and marketers worked alongside the Agent Link team, reconfirming and engaging

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