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Welcome, Gordon! A Very Tired and Grateful Brandon Yost Welcomes Baby No. 5!

I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since late January, but it’s all been worth it. JoDee and I welcomed our fifth child into our family in early February! Gordon is our second son and a welcome addition for his siblings who want to do nothing more than hold him and love on him. (Frankly, they drive us a little nuts when we’re holding him and all they want to do is play with him and watch him). He’s a lucky little guy, to say the least! I still remember when we discovered Gordon wasn’t going to be another girl. We adore our three girls, but we had all our fingers and toes

misses that attention. Still, I don’t even think she remembers that she originally wanted a “pink baby.”

As for our older son, he was also slightly disappointed when we discovered Gordon was a boy. We think he enjoyed being the only son and having that special bond with me as the two guys in the house, but as we welcome his younger brother to the family, we can tell he is warming up to the idea of some additional masculine energy in the home. The duo will share a room when Gordon is older and can sleep through the night, and our oldest son is already excited to have a brother to share that space with! It’s going to be cool to see how their relationship

crossed that baby No. 5 would be a boy and we could finally give our son some much-deserved respite from his

grows as they do.

sisters. This was the third time we agreed to find out the sex of our baby before they were born. Personally, I like the surprise at the hospital. It’s one of the best feelings in the world! But I think my wife was nervous to discover if it was going to be another girl, so we enlisted her sister to help us plan a reveal party. We asked our youngest daughter, Sophia, who was 3 years old at the time, if she wanted a pink baby or a blue baby. Unsurprisingly, she said pink. When we finally threw the confetti and revealed the balloons, we learned we were going to have another boy! But in the midst of our celebrating and cheers, Sophia broke down in tears! “I wanted a pink baby,” Sophia wailed, as we all giggled. I’m sure in her 3-year-old mind she thought the baby would really be there at the reveal. Since that initial disappointment, Sophia has become a great big sister. It’s been so heartwarming to see her grow from the baby to a big sister. She’s already filling her role so well, even if there are times when she

Gordon’s arrival and first few weeks have been blissful, tiring, and fun, but his birth was harder than most. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the tremendous job our labor and delivery nurse did in helping my wife deliver our son. Gordon’s heart rate dropped a number of times, and the nurse was working tirelessly to help us. She guided JoDee into comfortable positions and made the entire process easier on our family. After five pregnancies, JoDee and I agreed that we were done having children — and then we heard Gordon cry for the first time. There’s no other sound in the world quite as beautiful as hearing your child’s first cry as they come into the world. It’s a sound no parent grows tired of hearing.

Welcoming our children into the world is an experience that has yet to get old, but for now, we’re going to enjoy our time as a family of seven.

-Brandon Yost



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