Believing in You

Believing in You

Our beliefs run deep. They define us, set us apart and power every aspect

of how we serve you.

“We see every day as an opportunity to

“O ur files aren’t files. They’re people.”

connect and to understand the roadblocks you face. Our focus is on helping you move forward.”

“It’s not about just doing what the policy says. It’s about doing what’s right.”

“Seeing someone being

able to get back to the

work they love — that’s why I work here.”

“I often think of my own family when reviewing a claim. That’s why it’s important to be fast, accurate and fair.”

“We take great personal pride here at The Standard in being able to help others.”


Every day, we show up with a drive to Act with compassion Deepen trust Inspire success


Every person who comes to us is searching for answers. Looking for a voice at the end of the line, A listening ear, A calm in the storm. Compassion

So we work to meet uncertainty With steadiness, With compassion,

And with a promise. Never just a number. Never just a policy.

We will strive to see you as a whole — your story, your life. And we’ll serve you with care. Human to human.

We Bel ieve in




We Believe We’re at Our Best When You Need Us the Most The heart of our business is helping you navigate life’s challenges. Whether you’ve lost a loved one, are recovering from a disabling event or are planning for the future, we’re there for you with exceptional customer service and support. We consistently step up to meet your needs — focusing our time, energy and expertise — to make work and life a little bit easier for you.

We Believe You Matter You’re the reason we’re here. Your financial well-being and peace of mind matter because you matter. Not because they serve our bottom line. We believe you deserve to live and work feeling confident in tomorrow. We challenge ourselves to go above and beyond to serve you every day. Not as a number or a policy — but as a person.

We Believe in a Culture of Caring

The remarkable individuals who find their way to The Standard are united by their compassion and a genuine desire to help. And it doesn’t stop there. Our employees volunteer their time to community partners across the country. Our culture of caring places a high value on giving back and the difference that makes to our customers and local communities.

We Bel ieve in



“With every call that comes in, we do our best to make things easier for you and help you take your next steps in any way. Making your time with us a little brighter.” —Florence, Quality Specialist, Employee Benefits Contact Center

We Bel ieve in




You ask, we answer. You call, we respond. You reach out, we’re there.

We are honored to have held a trusted place in so many of our customers’ lives For so many years. But we refuse to take that place for granted.

Instead, we strive to earn it again and again: Each interaction, Each conversation, Each decision. Made with integrity, transparency and strength.

We Bel ieve in




We Believe in Doing the Right Thing We take pride in purpose, and we’ve built more than a century-long reputation on it. We know that our actions — how we administer claims, select retirement plan funds and manage our business — affect people’s lives. We take that responsibility seriously. We follow the letter and spirit of the law, whether anyone is looking or not.

We Believe in Great People — and Great Choices Building trust with you starts with trusting our people. We work hard to empower our employees with everything they need to act on your behalf. To get to know you personally. To be your unwavering advocate. To learn something every day. And to grow, get better and reach their full potential in serving you.

We Bel ieve in



“Trust is key because plans are complicated. Clients want help walking through each step of plan administration. Having people at The Standard they can turn to makes it easier for them to do their job.” —Julia, Account Manager, Retirement Plans

We Bel ieve in




Whatever peace of mind looks like to you: A smooth claims process. A comfortable retirement. Untangled benefits administration. We believe in doing what it takes to get you there.

We work to turn Red tape into results. Struggle into success.

Getting there takes expertise, Drive, passion — And understanding what it takes to empower you.

So that we can work toward real results. Together.

We Bel ieve in




We Believe in Benefits That Work Together We bring a unique, holistic approach to our work. We’ve designed our comprehensive set of programs to help you achieve financial security, gain emotional support and overcome physical limitations to lead productive lives at work and beyond. Our forward- thinking approach is an important part of how we make multiple benefits work together to address the whole person and achieve better outcomes.

We Believe in Partnering for Results At The Standard, collaboration starts with listening closely to your challenges and goals. We understand the complexities you’re trying to solve and will work with you to find the best approach. Our experience in creating flexible plan designs tailored to your needs means we may tell you yes when others say no.

We Believe in Freedom To Focus On What Matters You want the freedom to focus on what matters most to you and we’re here to help. Our creative, experienced people support you and your employees every step of the way. Reducing the hassles and headaches around claims processing, returning to work, managing retirement plans and more. And we’re committed to keeping an eye on the details, so you can focus on your most important priorities.

We Bel ieve in



What we sell isn’t something you can touch or see. We sell a promise to be there in the future. But it’s about more than that. We promise our customers and partners that every employee, product, decision and experience with The Standard is focused on helping them move forward — every day.

We Bel ieve in



Believing in a Better Tomorrow


Our beliefs don’t stop at our walls. We believe in helping our communities grow stronger — so the world can be brighter for all of us.

The Standard has a mission to make a difference in the places we live and work. We believe in giving back — that’s why we support community

2020 Employee Giving Campaign $5.9M raised 2020 Total Giving $7.5M

Dollars For Doers Recipients 15

development, disability, health, and education

organizations. And because we encourage our people to give back too, we offer paid volunteer time and matching funds to support employee giving to more than 2,200 organizations nationwide.

Serving on nonprofit boards 48 senior leaders

We believe in you. The Standard is a marketing name for StanCorp Financial Group, Inc., and subsidiaries. Insurance products are offered by Standard Insurance Company of Portland, Oregon, in all states except New York, where insurance products are offered by The Standard Life Insurance Company of New York of White Plains, New York.

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