Choice PT: Is It Back Pain or Is It Sciatica?

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page article) here’s a quick trick you can implement tonight! Our neck has a natural curve to it. If that curve isn’t properly supported throughout the night it will place undue stress on the muscles and joints of your neck. Ever wake up with a numb, rubbery arm because it’s been jammed under your pillow for who knows how long? Ever catch yourself doing the pillow burrito? Rolling and folding it up to prop under your head? All of those things are signs your neck is in need of more support. Simple trick: take a towel and roll it length-wise as it’s about 2-3 inches in diameter. Slide that into your pillowcase so whether you’re lying on your back or your side, the curve of your neck will be fully supported. “But Joe, I move all over the place at night!” The beauty here is that the towel roll is in the pillow case and should stay put, unlike that pillow burrito which is destined to wind up unfolded and on the floor. No good. Adjust the diameter of your towel roll to see what’s best for you! After you try this please let me know how it worked out for you! Feel free to send a Domo Arrigato (Japanese term for “thanks a lot”) my way! If you’re a stomach sleeper with neck pain we have some tricks up our sleeve as well: for some helpful tips.

Me: “Hey, how long’s your neck been bothering you?”

You: (slowly turning your entire torso in unison as if you’re in a body cast from the waist up, eye brows raised high and eyes straining to see further to the side) “My neck? Just gets a bit stiff now and then…it’s worse in the morning” Our neck, the cervical spine for those that wish to brush up on their anatomy, is made up of seven vertebrae. Those bones connect to one another to form joints which allow for motion. Each joint in the neck serves a purpose and allows us to move, or not move, well. Headaches, ringing in the ears, neck pain, shoulder blade pain, arm pain, as well as numbness/tingling in the hands all can be related to something going on the region of your neck. Posture plays a HUUUUUGGGGEEE (insert your favorite car commercial joke here) role in the health of your neck. When we discuss posture we’re usually talking about how we sit at our computers, how we hunch over our phones, tablets, etc. We immediately talk about our waking hours. Your sleeping posture is just as if not even more important.

Sleep well this month! Joe

Whether your a back sleeper or side sleeper (stomach sleepers aren’t a lost cause but much harder to help with regards to neck pain in a one

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