Restaurant Chairs Tables


UPHOLSTERY Prices are based on a solid color 54" wide upholstery. Any upholstery with 3" or greater repeat, length or width, which requires pattern matching, add 10% to overall list price. Thread color will be chosen by factory to match the upholstery as closely as possible, unless otherwise specified. GRADED-IN PRICING To determine graded-in pricing for grades beyond what is shown for a particular product, add $16 list per yard, per grade. Be sure to visit our website to see our fabric partners and to gain a better understanding of our grading. Click on the textiles tab on the bottom of each product page. CUSTOMER’S OWN MATERIAL (C.O.M.) AND CUSTOMER’S OWN LEATHER (C.O.L.) Please consult the factory prior to placing your C.O.M. or C.O.L. order. We may be able to supply materials at a lower cost due to our volume discounts with the textile mills. All C.O.M. materials should be sent in rolls only, folding can cause adverse and irreversible deformations to some materials, especially leather. A sample swatch must be supplied with the order along with the name of the supplying textile company and a description of the material (pattern name, color and any accompanying numerical description). We cannot accept responsibility for costs incurred for replacement material if the mill sends the incorrect fabric. All C.O.M. yardage requirements in this price lists are based on 54" wide roll. Yardage is approximate. Add 10% to the yardage requirements if striped or patterned materials are specified, if pattern requires matching, or if width of material is less than 54" wide. For striped, patterned or unique designs, directions on upholstery application must be provided. If no directions are stated on the order or in a subsequent ‘‘confirmed and acknowledged’’ document, we will upholster the product in what we deem to be the most appropriate manner. We assume no responsibility thereafter. Grand Rapids Chair Company assumes no liability as to the flame retardant qualities of a C.O.M. For orders with C.O.L., add 10% to the list price of C.O.M. in our price list. We also advise adding 25% to the yardage requirements if specifying leather. Irregularities in grain, natural marks or variations in color are to be expected and are normal characteristics of natural luxurious leather, making each piece unique. Acknowledged ship dates are dependent upon the timely receipt of C.O.M. or C.O.L. Delays in receiving the material will result in the rescheduling of production. We maintain the right to refuse the use of any customer-supplied material or leather that is not suitable due to pattern, stretch, weight or workability. All C.O.M. must be shipped prepaid and clearly marked with your company name and purchase order number. CALIFORNIA TECHNICAL BULLETIN 133 Chairs can be constructed to meet California Technical Bulletin 133, add $65 list per yard of fabric. Testing, sampling and freight charges will apply as required.




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