NY Welcome Packet

Books & Bookstore: Any required textbook not included in the LOGOS software will be available in the Bookstore and can be purchased at 25% off for all students. Students are required to have personal laptops and will be equipped with the LOGOS software (included in the fees for a year). LOGOS contains many of the textbooks in an e-book format along with their course syllabi. For more information on laptop specifications for LOGOS, check out wordoflife.edu/logos. Information on how to download the LOGOS software system will be sent to you in the mail prior to Registration. The Campus Bookstore will be open Registration Weekend and daily through the school year. Personal and gift items, textbooks, and paper supplies are available. Personal checks, Visa, MasterCard or Discover may be used at the Bookstore.

A good Study Bible is helpful. King James Version, New King James Version, English Standard Version, New American Standard Version, or Holman Christian Standard Version are recommended.

Music: Bring your musical instrument with you, if possible. These can be kept in the Music Building, and you can practice there. There will be ample opportunity through the year to use these, both in formal and informal settings. Music and movies based on Biblical principles may be listened to/watched upon approval by the Student Life Office.

Transportation: Cars and bikes are encouraged. Bikes should be equipped with a lock and chain. There is a one-time $50 registration fee for vehicles that can be paid at Opening Weekend Registration.

Miscellaneous Items: A small suitcase or travel bag is useful as students go out on weekend ministries. A laundry bag is helpful for making those necessary trips to the laundromat, which is located on the Bible Institute campus. Bows and arrows, hunting knives, and guns should be left at home. If it is necessary to bring any such item for a specific reason, they must be checked in and left at the Bible Institute Office.

Phones: Students will need to provide their own phone. If you plan on bringing a cell phone, please note that Verizon has the best coverage and AT&T comes in second.

FINANCES Large amounts of money should not be left in the dorms. There are no banking facilities on campus. However, there is an ATM located in the Snack Shack. Glens Falls National Bank & Trust has offices in the Village of Schroon Lake (9 miles north) and Chestertown (6 miles south) where students may open a checking account. This will facilitate check cashing and money handling. Checks in limited amounts ($30) can be cashed at the Campus Bookstore. VACATIONS Vacation breaks are in December, March, and June. Students will be notified when they can head home for break, but generally it will be after the 8:00 AM exam. Flights should not be scheduled before 2:00 PM on the first day of break. Students may obtain special permission to stay off campus overnight through the Student Life staff throughout the year (students must file appropriate paperwork on time and take care of missed service assignments, P.E. classes, or ministry ahead of time). The campus is closed during vacation breaks. Students are not fed or housed on campus during this time, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Student Life staff. Travel arrangements should be made in accordance with the Bible Institute Calendar. Students are expected to return on time after vacations and are not permitted to leave early. SCHOOL CALENDAR A tentative school calendar can be viewed below. Students may generally leave campus by 11:00 AM on the day classes end. Please do not make any flight arrangements before 2:00 PM on the last day of class. You are expected back on campus by 7:00 PM the day vacation ends. The Albany Airport is 1 ½ hours from campus, so plan your flight departures and arrivals carefully.



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