NY Welcome Packet


LOGOS is a leading Bible study library software. It specializes in digital library management for Bibles and Biblical theological books.

We have contracted with LOGOS to include most of our textbooks with this top-of-the-line software for our students. Students will receive training in the use of LOGOS Bible Software before classes begin.

LOGOS BIBLE SOFTWARE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS We are equipping you with a state-of-the-art wireless technology that includes all your class notes and most textbooks. This program allows you to take notes directly onto your computer and revisit them at any time. This resource will help increase efficiency through the studying of God’s Word in class and throughout your personal life and ministry.

Each student is required to bring a laptop that meets or exceeds the following specifications:

5 hours of battery 1.4 GHz Intel Processor 2 GB RAM Windows or Mac operating systems WiFi

Consider purchasing a laptop with a removable battery. The following devices will NOT RUN the LOGOS Bible Software correctly: • iPad • Android • Windows RT • iPhone • Kindle • Chromebooks For more information, links to special education pricing on computer hardware and a detailed list of specifications, visit: WORDOFLIFE.EDU/LOGOS



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