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Sports Ministry Options 2019-2020

SPORTS At Word of Life Bible Institute, we have an incredible opportunity for discipleship and evangelism through the avenue of sports. This ministry is available for students who have special abilities in the area of athletics. Tryouts are necessary in selecting those students to form the teams who will represent the school. The sports ministry provides a variety of opportunities including games against area colleges. Along with the scheduled games that will make up the athletic season, Freshmen will participate in Open Air Evangelism, and Sophomores will join Missions Reality during the spring semester. Fall sports are Men’s and Women’s Soccer and Women’s Volleyball. Winter sports are Men’s and Women’s Basketball. Our spring sport is Women’s Softball. As a student at the Word of Life Bible Institute, you will be actively involved in various ministries during the school year. Each student will be assigned to a specific ministry. Some of these include: Open Air Evangelism in New York City, Word of Life Reverb and teen outreaches, as well as on-campus events such as the Harvest Jamboree. In addition to these, which you may simply sign up for an opportunity to participate in, we also offer sports ministries you must try out for to be selected. REQUIREMENTS 1. Those students desiring to be involved in sports ministries must first try out for a team. Athletes trying out for Men’s Soccer, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Soccer, and Women’s Volleyball must arrive by 5:00 PM on Tuesday, September 3, 2019 for check-in. The student must also have sent in or must bring with them: proof of a sports physical within the past year, health record information, and must have paid the Bible Institute confirmation fee of $250. Students who have not provided this information will not be allowed to check in. Registration will officially take place on September 13. 2. Students will participate in these sports ministries for the entire year (except for Softball). Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams may be required to stay on campus during a few days of Christmas break for scheduled games. Softball players may be required to stay on campus for a few days during spring break. 3. Each player will be charged approximately $250 on their school bill. This fee covers team warm-ups and apparel (which the athlete will keep) and basic equipment costs for their sport (There may be additional charges for extended trips and tournaments). 4. All male athletes must bring a character reference from a pastor or adult leader who has known them for at least 3 years (non-family member). This will be used if/when ministering in prisons. 5. In special cases there is an opportunity to be a two or three-sport athlete (1 fall, 1 winter and 1 spring). At Word of Life we participate in collegiate-level athletics. Participation on any of our athletic teams will use up a year of eligibility in college-level athletics.

Please complete the online form by August 23, 2019 in order for us to accommodate your arrival. If you need clarification or have any questions, please email us at: huskies@wol.org Before your arrival, please make sure you have completed the following:

□ Sports Physical □ Health Form □ Confirmation Fee of $250 (sent to student billing)

Thank you for your interest in joining our Sports Ministries!

If you plan to attend tryouts for a sports team, please fill out the form at: wordoflife.formstack.com/forms/athletics



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