NY Welcome Packet

Important Billing Information New York Campus 2019-2020

WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY FIRST BILL? Each semester is billed separately. At the end of July the Business Office will mail the Fall semester bill and include all charges along with deducting any approved sources of financial aid. The spring semester bill will be mailed out at the end of December. You will also receive instructions as to how to pay in full or how to begin making monthly payments. The Enrollment Agreement must be completed and returned with your first payment. Questions regarding your bill can be directed to the Business Office listed below. WHAT IF MY FINANCIAL AID IS NOT YET COMPLETE? At the time of Registration, it will be your responsibility to pay one-fourth of the balance due. As soon as aid is completed, the balance due is automatically adjusted. If a balance remains after aid is posted, it is your responsibility to pay monthly. Questions regarding financial aid should be directed to the Financial Aid Office listed below. HOW DO I MAKE PAYMENTS? You have the option of signing up for automatic credit card payments or the EFT method of payment. There is a $50 fee per semester for enrolling in the monthly payment plan. There will be no payment plan fee if the account is paid in full prior to Registration. You can make payments online using a debit or credit card by going to: www.wordoflife.edu/payments .


BUSINESS OFFICE Abbianne Huizing 518.494.1457 abbiannehuizing@wol.org

FINANCIAL AID Allan Black 518.494.1428 dallanblack@wol.org

FINANCIAL AID Tim Hunt 518.494.1514 timhunt@wol.org



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