NY Welcome Packet

Greetings! Dear New and Returning Students,

On behalf of our wonderful faculty and staff, I’d like to say we are thrilled to have you join us this fall! We have been anticipating your arrival with faithful prayer and by finalizing the preparation of our facilities and programs. We cannot wait to see the way the Lord will work with powerful tenderness in each of your hearts over the course of this year! Traditionally, we have called the WOLBI experience “the best year of your life” – but I want to instill in you the knowledge that though we intend for this year to be an excellent and memorable year of growth in love and Christlikeness, our true goal is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to make every year of your life better than the last. We want to provide you with a foundation to continue growing in power, love, and self-discipline. We want this to be “the best year of your life” in the sense that it will pave the way for an increasingly abundant life! I want to encourage each and every one of you to lay down the expectations you have for this year and to quiet your mind and prepare room in your heart for the truths Jesus will teach you. For our new students, lay aside, but do not forget, the circumstances from this past year of your life, and seek to enter this semester with fresh hope and the knowledge that the Father of lights wishes to give you good gifts. For returning students, know that this year will be fundamentally different than your first year and that God still has much to reveal to you. Finally, know that the staff and faculty around you – RAs, RLs, Deans, resident professors, visiting professors, kitchen staff, housekeeping, maintenance crew, and so many others – are here to serve you. Please come to us with anything. Let’s make much of Jesus this year; let’s dwell on the moments where His mountain-shattering power meets the moment when He spoke gently to the woman at the well and offered her a sip of salvation. Let’s seek Him and commit to continuing His ministry of reconciling ourselves and others to the richness of His love.

With Enthusiasm and Gratitude,



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