Dr. Devesh Pratap Head Department of CSE ACM, Association of Computer Electronics and Electrical Engineers(ACEEE), Internationa 1 Association of Computer Science and Information Technology(IACSIT), Internationa 1 Association of Engineers (IAENG). 40 Research publications and 5 indian patents to his credit

Prof .Du rga prasad Gangodkar

Dr. Mohammad Wazid

Dr. Sachin Sharma

Mr s . Preeti Mishra

Dr. Santosh Kumar

Dr. Rahul Nijhawan

Mr. Vikas Tomer

Ph. D. in Computer Sc. and Engg. from

Post Doctorate from Cyber Security and Networks Lab, lnnopolis University, Russia with over 76 Research Papers on Cyber Security, loT, Cloud/Fog/Edge Computing, Big Data and Blockchain

Ph.D Systems Engineer- ing, University of Arkan- sas at Little Rock, USA

PhD IIT Roorkee. Active reviewers of various reputed journals like IEEE Transections, ACM Transections, Springer, lnderscience etc. with more than 60 publications to his credit

Awarded a Fellowship of 4800 (AUD), administered by the Department Administrators in Department of Computing, Macquarie University, Sydney during Internship from Macquarie Uni.

PhD and PG- IIT Rand recipient of the Young Scientist Award, in Uttarakhand State Science and Technology Congress UCOST 2017-2018, Uttarakhand State Council for Science

Specialises in Data Analytics with research experience in European Union Project, Dublin, Ireland

IIT-Roorkee. Member IEEE, USA; ACM, USA; Computer Society of India (CSI), India; Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), India

(2017) has been the recipient of $50,000 award from iFund Arkansas Regional

Innovation Hub and the very prestigious 1"Who's Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges ® " for outstanding individual academic excellence on a national level.

and Technology, Dehradun, INDIA.

5 2 % less likely than their 3 7 % less likely to 2 7 % more likely to O peers to skip a day O skip a class. O enhance academic of school performance

Students who meet regularly with their mentors a re

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