Real Estate Journal — February 26 - March 10, 2016 — 13A


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7:15 am Registration 7:30 am Breakfast 7:55 AMWelcome & Introduction 8:00 AMMarket Update – State of Land Sales • What are the challenges with land development vs. redevelopment?

• Who is active in the market place and what is their risk tolerance and expected returns • When or will there be a next big wave of land development or is it a thing of the past • Commercial Development Opportunities that will change the face of New Jersey • Inventory status: Inner Ring vs. Outer Ring – Recent Significant transactions • Interest rates and other economic conditions affecting consumer confidence and Land Sales • What needs to happen to get the market moving? Or do we have to wait until after the election 9:00 AM Residential Home Builder and Developer Update • Evaluating land prices: Where they were, Where they are at and Where are they going • Evaluating bank owned lots and what is left to be traded • What is the market for raw land and what does the deal need to look like today • What are the builders buying and why • How are land deals structured today • What future opportunities exist • Residential Development Opportunities that will change the face of New Jersey 9:55 AM Break 10:05 AM How to Effectively Work With Municipalities • Annexation of parcels into cities • How cities our effectively working with builders to fast track the approval process • How are municipalities effectively working with home builders and commercial developers to spur growth • What are cities doing to attract investment in their communities • Modeling for site selection and development planning 11:00 AM How Developers Can Work With Land Owners to Maximize Value Using Structured Seller Financing or Joint Ventures • Real estate financing and using a layered capital stack model and how risk affects pricing for each layer. • What are the 5 risks in real estate finance and what is the risk management process • Negotiating strategies and tactics are discussed from the viewpoint of a developer working with a land seller. • Deal structuring from very low risk - low return to high risk - high return. 12:00 PM Adjourn & Networking

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