3 - March 2018

March 2018

SM RT brief

A popular Mediterranean restaurant announced it will open a third location at 120 S. Washington in downtown Wichita. Meddy’s already has locations at 7906 E. Harry and 21st and Greenwich . The new location will be built on a car lot that sits behind a building at Douglas and Washington . The original restaurant, the Harry location, opened in 2014. The downtown location will feature a full bar, a big patio and an outdoor fireplace. The 21st and Greenwich location will also be remodeled to add a bar. The new restaurant and remodel are projected to be completed by July. Green Lantern Car Wash , which will be renamed Charlie's Car Wash in May to honor its late founder, has plans to open two new locations in Wichita. The first will begin construction in April and will be located at 4150 W. Kellogg . NAI Martens' Troy Farha and Grant Glasgow handled the deal for the approximately two-acre site near West Street . The company hopes the first new location will be open by November. The second is possibly a couple years away and will be at Kellogg and Greenwich —where Green Lantern formerly had a location but closed due to area construction. Jason Cox , president of Cox Machine , recently purchased the building at 3 33 E. English . Cox has not announced any definite plans and says he will not anytime soon, but will likely use the building for commercial space. Cox plans to redevelop the space over the next couple years to compliment the other redevelopments in the area. The 28,000-square-foot building is located just east of the newly renovated Broadway Autopark Apartments .

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