NSLHD News 16 September 2021

Local centre guiding gold standard rehabilitation care The John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research has been awarded close to $10 million to help improve the next five years. “The John Walsh Centre for

Rehabilitation Research has played a key role providing evidence-

lives of those living with injury-related disability. The funding has been granted by the state’s compensation agencies icare NSW and the State Insurance Regulatory Authority, continuing a 20 year research partnership. icare NSW Managing Director and CEO Richard Harding said the research was invaluable in supporting people with injuries. “Getting the right care and support for injured people is paramount. This investment will ensure NSW stays at the forefront of treatments and recovery pathways for severely- injured people,” he said. Chief Executive of the State Insurance Regulatory Authority Adam Dent said the ongoing investment will ensure this specialised research continues over the A new performance and talent system, to improve the recording of staff performance and aligning individual goals to team and organisation-wide ones, is being piloted across NSLHD. Known as PAT, the online platform is paper-free and aligns with StaffLink. Director of People and Culture Paula Wlliscroft said PAT will be fully integrated into the existing PRIDE model, creating a refreshed and easier process. “Results from previous

based advice, and informing policy and legislative changes to make personal injury schemes in NSW sustainable and meet the needs of scheme claimants,” Mr Dent said. Head of the centre Professor Ian Cameron has welcomed the substantial funding, saying it will allow them to expand their activities and increase the impact of their research. “While the emphasis of the funding is to support people injured in NSW workplaces and on NSW roads, the expanded work will directly impact on the health of people in the NSLHD who have People Matter Employee Surveys told us more than 70 per cent of staff are already having productive performance and support conversations regularly with their manager, but StaffLink stats don’t reflect this result. “PAT gives us the opportunity to transition our current performance development processes towards a consistent, digitally enabled approach.” Finance and Corporate Services are taking part in

John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research team

“Our research aims to improve rehabilitation services for people with severe injury, particularly traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury, and also people with musculoskeletal and psychological injuries. “Our focus is on applying our research progress to clinical practice, so that we are directly improving the lives of people living with disabilities. “Importantly, a key part of our success will rely on our collaborations within the NSLHD and the Kolling Corporate Services Jacquie Ferguson said: “Being involved in the PAT pilot is an opportunity to make sure we emphasise the importance of the manager and employee communication on staff development.” The pilot provides with the opportunity to investigate the overall PRIDE process, the PAT system and required training prior to the full roll out across NSLHD. For further information on the pilot or PAT, please contact Paul Rutten: Paul. Rutten@health.nsw.gov.au

experienced injury or illness causing disability,” he said. Institute to broaden our research and educational activities.” NEW SYSTEM TO IMPROVE RECORDING OF STAFF PEFORMANCE AND GOALs

the pilot to test PAT. Director Finance and



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