Lewis Maclean November 2018


Maintain Your Gas Appliances

When people shop for a new home, one feature they often look for is a gas stove. People love to cook on gas ranges because they heat pots and pans evenly, giving at-home chefs a distinct advantage. While many people prefer to use gas appliances, some people don’t realize that they can be dangerous, and they are certainly more dangerous than electric appliances. Now, on any given day, these appliances aren’t necessarily a danger to you or your family. When properly cared for and maintained, they are as safe as any appliance in your home. The danger comes when gas appliances are not properly maintained. Every year, there are news stories about people who die due to gas exposure. In the past, I shared a story about a couple who was poisoned by carbon monoxide as they slept. In this particular story, after investigating, inspectors found issues with the fireplace — the safety switch had failed. This is a big deal and something that should have been caught and fixed during a routine maintenance inspection. I get asked about safety switches from time to time, and I remember one conversation in particular. A guy told me about a repair he was making to a gas furnace. He said he had replaced the safety switch several times already. When this happens, there’s usually a bigger problem that needs to be addressed. Safety switches rarely need to be replaced. While they can fail, they usually don’t . I can only think of a

handful of instances when we needed to replace a switch. If it does come up — even once — then an inspection is recommended.

I say this because safety switches for furnaces are not something you can typically walk into a store and buy. Appliance manufacturers and regulators want you to contact a professional gas fitter when something like a safety switch fails. These switches are designed to completely shut down the appliance should something go wrong. For example, gas appliances have a pilot light sensor. When the pilot light goes out, for whatever reason, the safety switch is triggered, and the furnace turns off, helping prevent gas leaks. FortisBC usually offers rebates you can put toward appliance maintenance. Signing up for these rebates is the perfect way to have your gas appliances inspected without worrying about cost. You can check their website for the latest rebates and offers. With all this in mind, we want to make sure you have a safe and warm winter season. If you have any questions, or you’re thinking about doing an inspection, give us a call. We’re standing next to the phone 24/7, ready to take your call for any of your heating, plumbing, air conditioning, or drainage needs!

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