Big English 2 Level 5 Unit 6 Student's Book


The Future

I will learn to talk about technology of the future. Language in Context

 Read about these inventions. Are they real or not real? Then listen and check. 1 KEYBOARD JEANS

Keyboard jeans are the latest fashion trend. These jeans come with built-in speakers, a wireless mouse, and a keyboard built into the legs of the pants. This gives new meaning to the term “laptop” computer! 2 SPRAY-ON BATTERY

The battery in a mobile device can take up almost half of the space in your cell phone, smartphone, or tablet. But now there’s a spray-on battery! This battery will be “painted” onto your mobile device, taking up no room at all. 3 COMPUTER EYEGLASSES With these computer glasses, you’ll be able to do everything you do on a normal computer. There’s one big dierence: You won’t have to carry anything! The lenses are a see-through computer monitor.


PET TRAINING APP Tired of trying to stop your dog from barking in the house? Well, now there’s an app for that! This new app for smartphones will stop your dog from barking at the touch of a button.

It uses special sounds that only dogs understand. You just have to make sure your dog is listening!

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