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February, 2018

“Live Life Without Neck Pain&Headaches!” DISCOVER HOW TO STOP THE PAIN!

Inside: • Life Doesn’t Have To Be A Pain In The Neck

• Arthritis In The Neck

• Relieve Neck Pain In Minutes

• Patient Success Spotlight

Health & Fitness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body

February, 2018

DON’T SUFFER FROMNECK PAIN! “Life Doesn’t Have To Be A Pain In The Neck!”

Are you one of the approximately 85 percent of adults that are affected by low back pain during their lifetime? If you suffer with back pain or sciatica, know that low cost results are closer than you think. Recent studies show that patients with low back pain should consider physical therapy first for their back pain, according to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). Having frequent headaches and neck pain can literally be a pain in the neck, make you less happy and less productive in life. Why do you have that pain in your neck?Moreoften than not it is causedby amuscleor joint problem.Poor posture in the upper neck area can often contribute to headaches, migraines and neck pain. When you look in the mirror do you notice that you have a forward head posture or does your head look a little shifted off to the side, not in alignment with your neck? Where Radiating Headaches Come From Differentproblemswith theneckmovementwillcausepain tobefelt indifferent areas. For example did you know that if your pain radiates to the forehead or behind the eyes, this can be from “stuck” joints at the top of your neck? Poor movement causes stresses and strains on surrounding muscle and tissue

causing irritation thataffects thenerves in thearea.Thenext leveldown,called C2, will often radiate pain to the side of the face / head and back scalp area. Finding the Root of the Problem To narrow the source of the problem, it is important to find out if your pain worsens towards the end of the day or is first thing in the morning. Pain at the end of the day and a complaint of a “heavy head” feeling is an indicator of spinalmuscleweaknessandspine instability.Theneckandshouldermuscles just can’t tolerate the weight of the head (about the weight of a bowling ball) with daily activities, tiring quickly. Pain in the morning that may radiate to the shoulders or down the arms can be associated with the discs between your neck bones (vertebrae), especially if that pain is radiating. What is the best course of action?The best solution if you have neck pain or headaches is to see a physical therapist. Our physical therapists are experts in evaluating your neck joints and muscles. We help you return the normal movement of your neck joints and muscles gently and safely, relieving your pain.



Do you find yourself feeling frequent neck or shoulder aches and pains? Youcouldbesuffering fromcervical (neck)arthritis.Arthritis in theneck is very common as we age. With arthritis in the neck, people often complain ofpain radiating into the lowerneck,shoulders,orevendown into thearm. Theproblemwitharthritis is the lossof rangeofmotion in theneck joints. As bone wears on bone, the surface of the bones actually start to change shape. This thins the bones in the neck in some parts leading to a loss of heightbetween thebones.Due toabnormalwearand tear,newboneforms where it shouldn’t, creeping into the holes where the spinal cord passes through. In addition it can rub on the nerves out to your neck, shoulders, arms and even hands. This can lead to a condition called cervical spinal stenosis, which can be quite painful. What can be done to help neck arthritis? While pain medications can help control pain, they don’t address the root cause of the pain, which is poor strength and lack of normal movement. The neck joints on the side of the spine normally experience wear and tear over the years. However, when this wear and tear is accelerated due to poor posture, weakness or injury, this can lead to limited, painful range of motion. In addition, with neck arthritis, the smaller muscles that guide themotionsof theneckbecomeweaker,eventually leading tomore rubbing and arthritis. By gently stretching these tight and restricted joints with specific hands on therapyandexercises, rangeofmotioncanbe returned.Whilephysical therapy cannot restore the cartilage or change the bony structure, it can certainly help your neck move better, become stronger, reduce pain and give you the power to stay healthier longer.

Try this simple test. See ifyouhave restrictedcervical joints.Standwithyourbackagainst the wall. Can you touch the back of your head to the wall while keeping your chin level? If you cannot, then your neck joints are limited and you need

physical therapy to restore the range of motion. Is your neck pain affecting your balance?

Have you ever seen a person with their head protruding forward and their body bent over? This can be subtle or quite noticeable. With neck pain, limited neck posture results in loss of balance. Just pull anyone by their nose and you will see they will falter forward. This is because the normal linesofgravity through thebodychangewhen thespineposturechanges. If you or someone you know has poor balance, it could be a problem with their posture.



CERVICAL CHIN TUCK SUPINE WITH TOWEL While lying on your back with a small rolled up towel under the curve of your neck, tuck your chin towards your chest. Maintain contact of your head with the surface you are lying on the entire time. Strengthens Neck Relieve Neck Pain In Minutes Try this movement if you are experiencing neck pain.

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Patient Success Spotlight

Think Worcester PT & Services First

“ I broke my leg in 15 places from an accident while playing soccer with one of my kids. Worcester PT was so helpful and fit me in on Christmas Eve, when no other clinic around had availability. The entire staff was so invested in my recovery, working together with their different skill sets to get me back to normal. I went from my PT treatment to the Post-Rehab Exercise Program, and have now since returned to my normal fitness routine. I loved working with the staff so much that I joined their gym to continue my workouts with them ” – Miriam C. I loved working with the staff so much... CONTACT US TODAY TO SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT! 508.791.8740

Why You Need To Come Back In For Another Check Up: • Move without pain • Bend and move freely • Balance confidently and securely • Sit for long periods comfortably • Walk for long distances • Live an active and healthy lifestyle


• Move Freely • Alleviate Pain Naturally • Have More Energy • Enjoy Activities Pain Free • Be Stronger

Do you suffer with any of the following symptoms?

4 Stiffness or swelling 4 Aches at the end of the day 4 Pain from an old injury

4 Sharp pain 4 Headaches 4 Tingling, numbness, or weakness

Don’t let neck pain become a way of life Pinpoint the exact cause of your neck pain! FREE NECK PAIN ANALYSIS Offer valid for the first 25 people to schedule. Expires 02-28-18.

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