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guide to family service

giving back a meaningful part of your family life How to make

Empower the next generation of social entrepreneurs

Make a profound difference in the lives of others

Bond together as a family

Raise kids who care and contribute

WE makes doing good doable

WE is an organization that offers everyone—whether at home, school or work—simple tools to help you create positive social change in your community and around the world. WE helps to inspire and engage your whole family—children, parents, grandparents and other loved ones—through your shared commitment to giving back. Think ofWE as your family’s coach formaking a difference. Through your own dedicated family coach, WE provides your family with personalized support each step of the way: from creating a customized family action plan based on your interests and causes, to accessing WE youth and family programs, workshops, turnkey resources, powerful WE Day events and exciting opportunities for family service at home and abroad. Our goal is to make it easy for your family to become part of the solution, helping to address some of the world’s most pressing issues and deepening your impact on your local and global community— all while growing closer to each other and bonding together through shared family service. WE started over 20 years ago when teenage brothers and co-founders Craig and Marc Kielburger, joined by a small but determined group of friends, felt compelled to act to end child labor. Today, the organization has grown into amovement of 3.4million young people and their families.

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We’re a WE family

A few months ago, my children, my friends and I had the pleasure of spending time on a cultural immersion and service trip with the WE organization in the Amazon region of Ecuador. What I saw was the way the incredible team at WE invests to build communities and change lives. The impact is equally profound for our families, and especially our children, as we engage in service. Our journey to Ecuador was part of a deeper involvement with the organization. We have previously visited India on a service trip. My children have a wonderful mentor from the WE organization, and school friends have joined them in service projects. They are becoming budding social entrepreneurs who are learning about, and fundraising in support of, a village in Ecuador. As a family, we have attended the organization’s WE Day celebrations, which fill stadiums with children and youth who earn their entry through service. Our family is involved in many causes, but this is unique because it centers on children as change-makers. As a parent, I believe that it is important for children to understand how meaningful it can be to make a profound difference in the lives of others. WE has worked closely with our family to help us take action on a cause that’s important to us. I encourage you to learn more about WE’s work and how they can support you in your own family philanthropy.


Sheryl Sandberg

Community leader from Mondana, Ecuador with Sheryl Sandberg.

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WE is here to help

Your family's commitment to philanthropy will create a legacy for generations to come. But to engage your family in a meaningful way and encourage your children or grandchildren to play a lead role, we've learned that you need a specific strategy to get young people involved in your family mission. The WE movement is what we wish we had when we were kids looking to contribute our talents, act on our passions and change the world—a turnkey solution for inspiration, ideas and campaigns to bring young people, schools, families and companies together to make it easy to get involved in our communities and deepen our impact.

Inside this WE guide, you’ll discover inspiring and fun activities to engage your whole family in your philanthropic pledge. Help your kids and grandkids discover themselves, their passions and their potential to lead by taking action together. Not only will you do good in the world by tackling some of our most pressing issues, you’ll grow closer to each other and to your community, bond through your shared experiences and feel a renewed sense of family purpose. We've had the honor to be involved with a number of families who have made amajor commitment to giving back. Because every family is unique, we invite you to take the next step and email WEFamilyCoach@WE.org . We’ll provide you with individual support and work with you to develop a customized experience that reflects your family’s interests and goals.

Thank you for taking this journey with us. Welcome to WE!

Marc Kielburger

Craig Kielburger

Co-Founders, WE

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Our programs are designed to appeal to multiple generations of your family by inspiring them to connect to your community and grow closer to each other through service. We’ll support you on your family journey by providing coaching and resources to help you and your children create a specific strategy to turn your good ideas into transformative actions. There are WE programs and resources for every stage of your child’s development and interests, from their early pre-school days through to college graduation and beyond. Your WE family coach will work with your children and grandchildren to create action plans, develop ideas for awareness and fundraising campaigns, help them select volunteer opportunities and discuss college studies and future careers. Your WE family coach makes it easy

As you look through this guide, you’ll see a wide range of WE programs and resources to suit your family’s needs. To learn more and get started with your personally assigned WE family coach, simply email WEFamilyCoach@WE.org .

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WE youth programs

Raising kids who care and contribute

Through WE programs, young people begin to see the world through a whole new lens. There’s an “aha” moment that brings a deeper appreciation and gratitude, and a desire to use their gifts to better the world. They feel empowered to take a stand on causes that they believe in and are important to them. Your children connect with friends and family through a shared commitment to making a difference, often leading to deep friendships with other young world-changers at school or camp. And they build a resume to succeed in college, in the workplace and as entrepreneurs.

Independent studies show that WE programs deliver impressive results in:

Increased academic achievement

Improved college and workplace readiness

Commitment to active citizenship

In this guide, you’ll find an overview of WE programs for your children and family. We invite you to connect with your WE family coach to help you find the right programs for your goals and interests—simply email WEFamilyCoach@WE.org .

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Books with heart Share these easy-to-read and beautifully

Service-learning through WE Schools Our free service-learning educational program is transforming students in over 12,000 schools, empowering them to apply their learning to solve real-world issues and turning classrooms into creative incubators for social good. WE Schools is a turnkey program that works two ways: helping teachers bring service-learning into the classroom and coaching students who want to lead their own after-school clubs. Hundreds of dedicated WE Schools coordinators offer both teachers and students support and access to free educational resources, ready-made service campaigns, professional development for educators and mentorship programs to help students become innovative problem-solvers.

Solve real-world problems: AP® with WE Service We’ve combined the academic challenge and rigor of College Board’s Advanced Placement courses with the WE service-learning model to enable high school students to apply their classroom work and skills to pressing social issues and challenges. Two examples: students in AP® Computer Science are learning to “code for change” by creating simple apps to make education more accessible. And students in AP® Environmental Science learn about environmental stewardship and sustainability outside the classroom environment by testing local water sources. On completion of the course, students earn a service recognition on their AP® transcripts used for college applications.

illustrated children’s adventure books with the little ones in your life. They’ll discover new cultures and the universal meaning of generosity, friendship and family.




The WE guide to family service 7

Living WE: Holly Branson CASE STUDY

A next generation philanthropist and social entrepreneur, Holly Branson is guided by the belief that all young people should have the opportunity to thrive. Holly has brought this purpose to life as chair of Virgin Unite, Virgin’s non-profit foundation, and as a trustee of Big Change, a charity she started with her brother Sam, his wife Isabella and a small group of friends, with the mission to invest in big ideas that unlock the potential of young people in the UK. Her drive to support youth empowerment and a deeply ingrained sense of service have led her to become actively involved with WE, starting as the founding co-chair for the launch of WE Day UK in 2013 and continuing as co-chair ever since. In a show of support after Holly’s first solo WE Day speech to a stadium filled with thousands of youth, her father Richard made a surprise on-stage appearance, thanking her and speaking from the heart about his deep sense of pride in his children’s leadership and commitment to making the world a better place. The Branson family’s personal involvement with WE has since grown to include family travel on volunteer service trips to Kenya and India. And it’s been extended beyond the immediate family to include programs for Virgin employees and customers. Virgin Atlantic has supported WE Charity through an innovative partnership called “Change is in the Air” that raises awareness about global issues and helps drive donations of spare change to support WE’s sustainable development in communities and countries where Virgin flies. Virgin employees have also volunteered locally at WE Days and internationally through ME to WE volunteer service trips.

Holly Branson and her father, Sir Richard Branson, at WE Day.

The WE guide to family service 8

Living WE: Castilleja School CASE STUDY

Through the WE Schools program, a deep and meaningful reciprocal partnership has developed between the students and teachers of Castilleja, an all-girls middle and high school in Palo Alto California, and the students and teachers of Kisaruni, an all-girls high school built by WE in the Narok South District of Kenya. This partnership involves an annual international trip to Kenya for Castilleja students to spend time with the girls at Kisaruni. Travelers experience “a day in the life” of a Kisaruni student, waking up at 4:30 am to arrive early at Kisaruni to do morning chores around the campus, have breakfast and chai with the learners, and then shadow them in their classes for the rest of the day. Students at both schools keep in touch year round by exchanging newsletters with photos and updates each semester. The students at Castilleja have started a club that plans fundraisers and events to support education in Kenya. They have pizza nights, sports events and "chai days" where they sell cups of chai to raise money.

The WE guide to family service 9

Share the Power of WE Day After experiencing WE Day, your children will never be the same. They’ll be inspired and energized by world renowned speakers and award-winning performers, and moved by everyday heroes with real life stories of change. They’ll discover new causes and new ways to take action. They’ll feel the rush of connecting with thousands of kids who share a passion for making a difference.

You can’t buy a ticket to WE Day—your kids can earn their way by taking action on one local and global issue. They’ll join over 200,000 young people who attend WE Day each year in 16 locations across North America and the UK, and millions more who will experience WE Day through live-stream and national primetime broadcasts.


The WE guide to family service 10

Living WE: the Skoll family CASE STUDY

Social entrepreneur Jeff Skoll first appeared on the WE Day stage almost ten years ago, and his message has challenged thousands of young people to carve their own path. “Your story is just now unfolding. Will you help eliminate poverty? Cure malaria? Or bring drinking water to everyone in the world? Only you will write your own story.” Jeff has played a key role as mentor and early supporter in the development work of WE Charity and the social enterprise mission of ME to WE. With his wife Stephanie Swedlove and extended family, they continue to be involved with WE programs in a meaningful way. Jeff worked with the WE team to launch WE Day in California and this year served as a co-chair with Stephanie. Jeff’s sister and her family organize a version of WE Day in their local community, inspiring thousands of students to make a difference in the lives of others. Jeff and Stephanie, along with their extended family, have traveled to Kenya and India on service trips.

Malala Yousafzai, activist and Nobel Prize laureate.

Mikhail Gorbachev, former Soviet statesman.

Martin Luther King III, human rights advocate.

Selena Gomez, actress and multi- platinum recording artist

Magic Johnson, former NBA player and president, LA Lakers.

Demi Lovato, singer, songwriter and philanthropist

Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations and Nobel Prize laureate

Craig Kielburger, Paula Abdul and Jeff Skoll at a pre-WE Day event.

The WE guide to family service 11

Not your typical summer camp

general programs for first-time campers as well as specialized offerings based on age groups and interests: social entrepreneurship, sports and leadership, arts and activism, media literacy and leaders-in-training. Our Arizona leadership center has a special emphasis on environmental issues, with campers learning how to live sustainably.

Connect your kids with other world-changers at Take Action Camp in Arizona or Ontario, Canada. They’ll experience the feeling of belonging that comes from truly being themselves and forming deep friendships based on a shared passion for taking action. The focus of camp is leadership through service. The programs combine traditional camp favourites like campfires and capture the flag with next-level leadership training and social issues workshops. Choose from


The WE guide to family service 12

Travel with purpose

Our youth trips formiddle, high school and college-age young adults are about people, connections, new cultures and self-discovery. Travelers undergo a transformation themselves while creating lasting change in the communities they visit. By working side-by-side with locals on WE Charity development projects, youth and young adults take home a new perspective, grounded in gratitude for the many little things they take for granted, like going to school or turning on the faucet for clean water. A youth trip becomes a powerful rite of passage, helping young people to realize a new maturity in their lives. It creates life-changing memories that can help shape their futures. On ME to WE trips, travelers: ► ► Become immersed in indigenous culture on a rainforest adventure in the Amazon. ► ► Connect with the indigenous people of the Andes Mountains in Ecuador. ► ► Dive into a colourful culture and explore social issues in dynamic India. ► ► Explore coffee fields to classrooms in Nicaragua. ► ► Work alongside rural communities in the heart of the vast savannah in Kenya or Tanzania.


Safety is ME to WE’s top priority—with a perfect record built over 20+ years. Our proactive measures and protocols include highly trained facilitators, purified water and proper food preparation, build site safety equipment (e.g. goggles, foot protection and hard hats), all-terrain vehicles in-country and safe accommodations.

The WE guide to family service 13

WE family programs

WE offers inspiring and fun activities to engage your whole family in your philanthropic mission. Together, you can unleash the power of positive impact. It all starts with your family’s commitment to giving back in simple, meaningful ways. WE programs appeal to all generations of your family, bringing them together to bond through a common family cause and providing the perfect way to instill cherished values in your children, children’s children and generations to come. Here are five ideas to inspire your family to take action and make a profound impact in the lives of others.

Get started

Use this turnkey WE Families starter kit, featuring a family activity book and discussion cards, to spark a conversation with your family about the issues that matter most to you and the actions you can do together to make the world a better place.

The WE guide to family service 14

Angélique Kidjo and Desmond Tutu

Celebrate WE Day Family

WE now offers a special version of WE Day, created just for families, in select cities. WE Day Family is a celebration of good that appeals to all generations and features powerful stories of kids and families making a difference together. Be inspired by motivational speakers, thought

leaders and celebrity performers. Bring your extended family and join other families to share and celebrate your commitment to positive social change. It will reaffirm your belief that a better world is possible.

Selena Gomez

Experience the workshop

Putting Our Families First workshop for parents and children ages 8+ is based on The World Needs Your Kid: Raising Children Who Care and Contribute . In this interactive session, led by Craig or Marc Kielburger and expert youth facilitators, you'll get practical tips for raising socially responsible children, strengthening family bonds and changing the world—all at the same time. Ideal for family- run foundations, businesses and multigenerational groups. We’ll bring the workshop to you.

The WE guide to family service 15

Learn and grow through family travel In addition to youth-only trips, WE provides family-friendly volunteer travel experiences for all ages. On a famly service trip to Kenya, Ecuador or India, you’ll bond with each other through unique shared experiences and create lasting memories with your loved ones. The trip experience is safe, comfortable and thoughtfully designed for all age groups. While working together as a family alongside community members on a sustainable development project (like building a school or a medical facility), you’ll be immersed in local culture and learn from community elders. You’ll not only witness firsthand how communities are coming together to help break the cycle of poverty, your family will be transformed by the experience and its lasting impact. Join us in Kenya and become immersed in the beauty of the Maasai Mara; traverse the Los Rios in the Amazon Basin by canoe and feel the joy and warmth of Kichwa culture; experience the vibrancy of India and take part in a Puja Prayer Ceremony. Family service trips offer special family programs and child care to accommodate multigenerational families and travelers of all ages. You’ll stay in bespoke lodges with all the comforts of home, and we can help extend your trip with optional add-ons like safari excursions, historic sightseeing or treks through the Amazon jungle.

The WE guide to family service 16

Living WE: the Crown Robinson family CASE STUDY

"Our family has been profoundly impacted by our involvement with WE. We’ve traveled as a family to Kenya and India, and our kids have brought WE to their friends and schools. The inspiration, education, motivation and commitment to empowering youth is palpable. We believe everyone— families, students, teachers, schools and companies should experience the power of WE. We are honored and proud to be part of the WE family.”

— Steve Robinson and Janet Crown CEO, Reimagine, and Philanthropist, Crown Family Philanthropies

The WE guide to family service 17

Connect your family to a WE Village When your family connects to a sister village, your kids will begin to learn about the world and experience different cultures and communities. Access to education, clean water, health care, nutritious food and a family income are the five key pillars to helping families lift themselves out of poverty. In supporting WE’s international development model, WE Villages, your family will be paired with a community to help empower them to create positive lasting change. Through your WE family coach, you’ll receive regular

community updates, be able to track the progress of WE projects and have the opportunity to visit the community on a family service trip to experience firsthand the community’s transformation. These opportunities can support your family’s own development—helping your children or grandchildren gain a new perspective by connecting with a children’s school in a sister village, or inspiring the whole family to improve your Spanish-language skills while connecting to a sister village in Ecuador.

The WE guide to family service 18

LivingWE: the Sandberg-Goldberg family CASE STUDY

Sheryl Sandberg and her children joined the WE organization on a cultural immersion and service trip to the Amazon region of Ecuador. The journey included spending time with the local community, such as visiting the home of Don Vargas, a local farmer. They sat together outside of his home, eating his proudly grown fresh-cut fruit. Don Vargas had lost his daughter to water-borne illness years earlier, but thanks to sustainable development, his children are now healthy and strong. Inspired by the journey, her family made a commitment to support a new WE Village, providing a community with the five Pillars of Impact— education, clean water, health care, food security, and opportunity. As a part of the commitment, they are establishing a farm that will offer women the opportunity to earn an income for their families through the growth and production of fair trade cacao. Back home, Sheryl and her family have worked with a WE family coach to get more deeply involved and turn their ideas into action. Her children have raised awareness about their sister WE Village by gathering friends together to host a visiting WE speaker and they have researched and given presentations at school. They’ve also raised money for the community in creative ways, including selling cookies and requesting donations instead of birthday gifts. The family plans to return to visit their sister village in the future. By taking action together, they’ve made a big difference to children and their families a world away.

The WE guide to family service 19

Inside this WE guide, you’ll discover inspiring and fun activities to engage your whole family in your philanthropic mission. Help your kids and grandkids discover themselves, their passions and their potential to lead by taking action together. Not only will you do good in the world by tackling some of our most pressing issues, you’ll grow closer to each other and to your community, and feel a renewed sense of family purpose. Empower your kids to make a difference

Connect with your WE family coach

Email WEFamilyCoach@WE.org . We’ll provide you with individual support and work with you to develop a customized experience to reflect your family’s interests and goals.

WE Charity is a registered charity in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. WE Charity United States Tax ID: 501 (c)(3)-16-1533544 | WE Charity Canada Tax ID: 88657 8095 RR0001 | WE Charity United Kingdom Registered Charity Number: 1138645

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