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LivingWE: the Sandberg-Goldberg family CASE STUDY

Sheryl Sandberg and her children joined the WE organization on a cultural immersion and service trip to the Amazon region of Ecuador. The journey included spending time with the local community, such as visiting the home of Don Vargas, a local farmer. They sat together outside of his home, eating his proudly grown fresh-cut fruit. Don Vargas had lost his daughter to water-borne illness years earlier, but thanks to sustainable development, his children are now healthy and strong. Inspired by the journey, her family made a commitment to support a new WE Village, providing a community with the five Pillars of Impact— education, clean water, health care, food security, and opportunity. As a part of the commitment, they are establishing a farm that will offer women the opportunity to earn an income for their families through the growth and production of fair trade cacao. Back home, Sheryl and her family have worked with a WE family coach to get more deeply involved and turn their ideas into action. Her children have raised awareness about their sister WE Village by gathering friends together to host a visiting WE speaker and they have researched and given presentations at school. They’ve also raised money for the community in creative ways, including selling cookies and requesting donations instead of birthday gifts. The family plans to return to visit their sister village in the future. By taking action together, they’ve made a big difference to children and their families a world away.

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