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ing Kids, during their June 19 session on the status of the Link Crew program featured at district high schools. The report concerns the Link Crew proj- ect, a year-long orientation program that provides newly-arrived Grade 9 students with Grade 12 mentors and advisors who welcome the newcomers during their first day at their new school and are also avail- able for advice the rest of the term. The report included statements from The SNC announced plans for the ground- water study earlier this year during its an- nual general meeting. The regional agency is supervising the project with the univer- sity and OGS providing technical expertise. The city and UCPR provide mapping infor- mation and other in-kind assistance. Fund- ing for the project is through several senior government programs and other sources. The purpose of the study is to develop maps of expected groundwater quantity and quality. The maps will help determine the potential for areas of Clarence-Rockland

Grade 9 students about how the program has helped them fit into their new environ- ment. “Link Crew helped me not be so scared.” “I knew that I could turn to my Link lead- ers to get help with any problem that I might face.” The Link Crew project also includes teach- er coordinators who can act as liaisons to further assist the Grade 12 mentors. The program focus includes helping newly-

arrived students with both academic and social needs to create a sense of belonging and also encourage them to be active and involved in events outside of the classroom to help them make new friends and pursue new interests in their new environment. The benefits to the Grade 12 mentors in- clude developing leadership skills, a sense of personal responsibility for the communi- ty, and also developing their own self-confi- dence and desire for personal achievement.


A special project to make news students feel at home at high schools in the Upper Canada district seems to be working very well. Upper Canada District School Board trust- ees (UCDSB) reviewed a report, Kids Help-

Groundwater study begins for Clarence-Rockland VISION

where development proposals will require on-site wells as the water supply. The Clar- ence-Rockland study is serving as a pilot project for similar mapping studies in future throughout Prescott-Russell. The study involves sampling private wells around the city. Residents who have private well-water systems are asked to volunteer their wells as sampling sites in return for a

free report on the quality and quantity of their well-water supply. The report value is $500. Well sampling tests will take place dur- ing July and August this year. Anyone will- ing to take part as a volunteer well site can contact SNC hydrogeologist Tessa Di Iorio, toll-free, at 1-877-984-2948, extension 305, or email

Five agencies are teaming up for a de- tailed look underground at the water be- low the City of Clarence-Rockland. The city, in partnership with the United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR), the South Nation Conservation Authority (SNC), the Ontario Geological Survey (OGS), and the University of Ottawa, is taking part in a groundwater study as part of its future eco- nomic development planning. OTTAWA | It is famous in herbal medicine for its energy-reviving effect but that fame has also put ginseng on the list of endan- gered plants in Canada, including around the National Capital Region. The City of Ottawa has contracted the South Nation Conservation Authority (SNC) to help the municipality rejuvenate the gin- seng stock in the South Nation River water- shed. The American ginseng species is na- tive to Canada and is an important part of aboriginal folk medicine. It can be found in the South Nation water- shed but the amount of ginseng in the area is sparse. SNC already has a ginseng protec- tion and restoration project in operation for the watershed. The regional conservation agency will plant and manage 100 ginseng seedlings in the South March Highlands area as part of its contract with the City of Ottawa. The plantation sites will remain secret to pre- vent illegal and ruthless strip harvesting of

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Ginseng gets a helping hand


the plant which has high commercial value in the Asian herbal medicine market.

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Belanger Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, sont heureux d’annoncer le retour de Michel Leroux à titre de gérant de véhicules d’occasion - spécialiste de camions.

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