Disaster Preparedness Kit


Employee Preparation – Make sure your employees know: o Company emergency plan o Where they should relocate to work o How to use and have access to reliable methods of communication, such as satellite/cell phones, e-mail, voicemail, internet, text messages, BlackBerry, PDA’s o Their user IDs and passwords for critical company systems o How to perform multiple job functions to help ensure adequate support coverage during a disaster o How they will be notified to return to work o Benefits of direct deposit of payroll and subscribe to direct deposit o Emergency company housing options available for them and their family Customer Preparation – Make sure your key customers know: o Your emergency contact information for sales and service support (publish on your website) o Your backup business or store locations (publish on your website) o What to expect from your company in the event of a prolonged disaster displacement Evacuation Order – When a mandatory evacuation is issued, be prepared to grab and leave with critical office records and equipment: o Company disaster-recovery plan and checklist o Insurance policies and company contracts o Company checks, plus a list of all bank accounts, credit cards, ATM cards o Employee payroll and contact information o Desktop/laptop computers o Customer records, including orders in progress o Photographs/digital images of your business property o Post disaster contact information inside your business to alert emergency workers how to reach you o Secure your building and property

o Consider how your post-disaster business may differ from today o Plan whom you will want to contact and when o Assign specific tasks to responsible employees o Track progress and effectiveness o Document lessons learned and best practices Post-disaster Recovery Procedures :

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