College – Issue 36

Sam Blake

Executive Principal’s Prize for Service Our first recipient of this prestigious service award is a young man who has given exceptional service to the school in the area of character and leadership. At the beginning of the year Sam displayed the perfect example of how to cope with disappointment when, having missed out on a prefect’s role, he showed initiative by volunteering to assist the development of the new Year 9 and 10 character and leadership programme. He provided ideas and feedback on this programme, and a valuable student's perspective. He also helped organise and run the Year 12 Emerging Leaders’ conference. His unselfish work throughout the year has contributed to the establishment of the new 2019 prefect role of Head of Character & Leadership. He has also clearly displayed the College graduate attributes of “confidence and humility” as well as “the capacity to lead and follow”. Executive Principal’s Prize for Service The role of the Deputy Head Prefect is challenging, insofar as he has to support the Head Prefect as well as develop his own leadership portfolio. This year, Toby has done all of this admirably. He played an important role in fostering student voice at College, especially in chairing the Student Senate and helping to run assemblies. He was the student in charge of the senior ball and handled this with great maturity, diligence and skill. He was an effective delegator in this role. He has been heavily involved in boarding, sport and culture at College and is a very capable scholar. For these reasons, he has been a fine role model to younger students. He has been a loyal servant to the school and has contributed above and beyond the scope of his leadership role. Toby Brooker-Haines

Junie Wee

Executive Principal’s Prize for Service Junie was the student in charge of the International & Round Square committee this year and he undertook this role with enormous dedication. His meticulous planning and skilful leadership led to a number of successful Round Square events, including the World Day for Diversity and the highly successful International Week. His other achievements included organising boarders’ activities with international themes, providing support for our international students, establishing contact with other Round Square schools, and taking part in the Harvard research project on global competence. His commitment to Round Square ideals has helped College to advance considerably on its journey towards the celebration of diversity in our interconnected world.

Christ’s College Canterbury


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