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60 Years On

70 Years On

The 60 Year On Reunion excelled itself by having the largest numbers out of all the reunion groups. There seemed to be no particular reason for this, except that 1959 was always a fairly genial group. Many interesting and unusual career and life histories were discovered, while the usual stories were told and repeated. Several travelled from distant shores, including China, America and Australia. As penance they were given speaking roles. This included Compton Tothill (6965) who signalled dinner with a gentle and inclusive grace. We were delighted to have the Executive Principal speak at the formal dinner held in the reborn heritage surroundings of the Christchurch Club. Roger Wilson (6974) proposed the toast to College and John Riley (6940) thanked Garth Wynne for his thought-provoking ideas. It was a busy night in town, with both an event in Hagley Park and a Crusaders home game, making travel home a little more difficult than normal. The final gathering of our year group was a relaxing wind-down lunch on Sunday at the Christchurch Golf Club. The weekend proved to be a great success and we are grateful to all who attended. We look forward to catching up again in 2024 for the 65 Years On. Front row: John Fletcher, Malcolm Whyte, Bill Knight, Dan Clouston, Alastair Spence, Guy Scholefield, Brian Redfern, Tim Davison, Marcus Helmore, Roger Wilson Back row: Simon Pascoe, Oscar Alpers, Jonathan Hope, Godfrey Rivers, Barney Sundstrum, John Riley, John French, Rob Black, Rob Elworthy Third row: Nick McGlone, Alastair Haslam, Peter Chapman, Bryan Andrews, Ben Hutchinson, Tim Pavey, Alan Pitts, George Sheild, Sam Maling, Compton Tothill Second row: Bonnie Perry, Andrew Brickell, Peter Wright, Paul Ellis, Tim Symes, Richard Bromley, Mark Elworthy, Simon Tipping, Richard Bretherton

A total of 21 of our year group attended at least one of our gatherings, and of these 13 were accompanied by their wives or partners. There were five apologies. On Friday evening, the venue for the Cocktail Party was the home of Colin and Valerie Averill, where friendships were renewed after a lapse of five years from our previous gathering. The mild weather, excellent catering and the ability to occupy a chair when required made the evening a very enjoyable one. On Saturday, College hosted a memorable lunch, preceded by a tour of our individual Houses, the new or renovated school buildings and the customary photograph. Our year group were invited to sit at the top table, a new experience for most, and enjoyed the excellent meal. Our main event was held on Sunday – lunch at the Shirley Golf Club. We were very pleased that Executive Principal Garth Wynne was able to join us. He responded to a toast to College proposed by Richard Reed, who assured us that his place at seat five in the rowing eight in his final year gave him an invaluable lesson in teamwork which helped him in his subsequent medical career in Melbourne. The weekend concluded with some attending Evensong in the Chapel, where the familiar and impressive singing of the Choir, boys and Old Boys rounded off a very enjoyable weekend. We have resolved to meet again in five years’ time, a suitable and hopefully achievable target for us all. Our thanks go to CCOBA Secretary Justine Nicholl, for her role in putting the arrangements together for us, and her admirable tact and patience in doing so! Back row: James Gardner, Dick Ellis, Richard Cottrell, Tim Sullivan, John Martin Middle row: Colin Averill, Peter Boys, Peter Mulligan, Brian Carpenter, Peter Lawrence, Michael Batchelor Front row: Rod Heard, Michael Gordon, Ted Hutchinson, Anthony Hamilton, Robert Godfrey, Richard Reed, Tony Kirk

Rob Black (6853)

Colin Averill (5733)

College Issue 36 2019


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