College – Issue 36

Sam Howard and Wills Wynn Thomas

Maling Memorial Prize for Outstanding Service to the School The very high calibre of the nominees for this prize has necessitated a joint award. Sam Howard was head of our Service committee this year and was instrumental in raising considerable funds for various charities, including a very successful head shave for Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand, as well as participating in hands-on service projects such as the trip to Samoa. He was an energetic and eloquent proponent of service to the community and ran his committee with great skill as well as humility. He has also been very active in five school productions, as well as writing, directing and acting in numerous films. Furthermore, he has used his skills to create and edit promotional material for the school. He was in the Chapel Choir, was involved in debating and even found time to be an assistant referee for 1st XI football. Sam has done all of this, and more, with great goodwill and in the spirit of selfless service to College and the community. Wills Wynn Thomas was head of our Academic committee this year and represented the student perspective eloquently at Head of Department meetings. He initiated a tutoring programme to benefit younger students and devoted many hours of his time to this service. He was a highly successful debater for College and helped other students to improve their debating, as well as adjudicating debates. He represented College at Synod and was influential in this role. He was in the Chapel Choir, was head of Schola Cantorum and was a member of the combined choir which attended the Big Sing Finale. He was a member of the orchestra for five years, head of orchestra in 2018, and participated in chamber groups. He contributed to other student activities, such as coding. He competed positively and energetically in tennis and football as well. All of this just scrapes the surface of Wills’ phenomenal service contribution to College. It is hard to believe these two young men achieved all of this while maintaining very high standards in their academic work. Their peers, and younger students, should look on their contribution with admiration and be inspired by their example. Runner up to the Wacher Prize for Academic Head of School In a year of outstanding Year 13 academic talent and scholasticism, the competition for Dux of the school was intense. Therefore, to be runner- up to the Wacher Prize is an achievement of which to be proud. George has received outstanding academic results this year. To his credit, he has managed this whilst being extensively involved in a very demanding music programme, both curricularly and co-curricularly. He was also a Chapel Prefect and a very effective governor of College’s Reserve Bank Monetary Policy Challenge team which qualified for the national finals in 2018. He has an impressive array of prizes and has recently been awarded a University of Canterbury College of Business & Law Award for Excellence as well as a University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow Entrance Scholarship. George Murray

Christ’s College Canterbury


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