College – Issue 36

Through sport I have learned the importance of hard work, discipline and time management – all characteristics that can be applied in other areas of school and life in general. We are blessed to have amazing facilities and outstanding coaches, tutors and resources. Personally, I have found sport enables me to perform better in the classroom and balances other aspects of school life and wellbeing. My one piece of advice is that your time at College will pass incredibly quickly, but if you make the most of it, your memories of College will last a lifetime. Throw yourself into everything you can, make mistakes, set goals, achieve, make lots of friends but, most importantly, enjoy and have fun. Look, it feels a little surreal writing to you as Deputy Head Prefect. Sure, it’s just a title but I see it more than ever as a way to give back to a school which has given me so much. I came to College in 2015 with a fairly narrow mindset towards sport and only sport. In Year 9 one piece of advice from my Housemaster Neil Nicholson really stuck with me: “Take all the opportunities available, because you do not know how lucky you are here.” The rest is history. I have been involved in Round Square events including a conference in the Canadian capital, Ottawa. I’ve enjoyed a service trip to Sri Lanka coaching cricket, along with a trip to the United Kingdom playing cricket. Looking back, I remember these amazing trips and other moments where I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone in things such as speech and drama, House music and House plays, more than any academic result or sporting victory. Don’t get me wrong – take Max Heywood – Deputy Head Prefect

“ As we go into this new year, I can’t stress enough the importance of taking chances and trying something new .” Max Heywood

beg you to try something new and to push yourself a little bit further than usual. If you are a parent, give your boy some options and stress the importance of making the most of your time at College. I promise you, boys, if you can do this, you set yourself apart from the norm, and that’s when you will achieve greatness.

full advantage of the academic base that Christ’s Collge will give you, but don’t forget to remember the things that can’t be marked down on a scorecard, as these are the most important lessons you’ll take away from College. In my final year at College I now turn my attention to giving back. I see this role as a position where you can influence boys to push themselves in all aspects of school life, whether that be speaking in assembly about various issues or organising the school ball with a group of boys. These are examples of ways that will push me out of my comfort zone, but I hope are also going to help others. As we go into this new year, I can’t stress enough the importance of taking chances and trying something new. You have been “given a head start of sorts” going to Christ’s College, so if you are a boy reading this, I

Christ’s College Canterbury


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