College – Issue 36


Curiosity, perseverance, self-regulation, love of learning and now – no doubt – gratitude, are some of the inherent character strengths of the recent Old Boys who excelled in NZQA Scholarship examinations in 2018. It was a stunning year for College, with a total of 42 Scholarships (including 11 Outstanding Scholarships) awarded to our students. Wills Wynn Thomas and Josh Murison were both Top Subject Scholarship Award winners, with Wills taking top place in New

Zealand in English and Chemistry, and Josh top in Economics. Wills was also a Premier Award winner, which places him among the very top students nationally, and Josh Murison, Fawzan Sugarwala and Josh Ting were all Outstanding Scholar Award winners. While he excels at English, Wills plans to head down the science route and, after being awarded the Sir Douglas Myers Scholarship, intends to take the Mathematical Tripos course at Cambridge University, England. “It’s important to be able to articulate your ideas. Scientists are probably not known as being great orators, but I think it’s important that scientists can express themselves and tell people why science is important.”

Josh Murison has decided to study Finance and Accounting at the University of Canterbury, Josh Ting is off to Griffith University on the Gold Coast with plans to pursue a career in medicine, and Fawzan also intends to study medicine. All scholarship recipients receive varying levels of financial reward, but the main incentive to do scholarship is the challenge, to have the opportunity to delve deeper and engage in a new way with a chosen subject. Scholarship is an extra, but complements and consolidates much of the work done at NCEA Level 3. To gain a scholarship is an outstanding achievement.

From left: Wills Wynn Thomas, Andreas Nicolaou, Josh Ting, Sam Howard, Alex Hlavac and Josh Murison

College Issue 36 2019


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