College – Issue 36

GARTH WYNNE From our Executive Principal

This edition of College looks at the life of the school in the last six months, during which the terrible events of Friday 15 March took place. That date is now one of infamy and can never be forgotten. As we see all we achieve and celebrate in College , as a community we must ask ourselves the deep question of how, within the culture of this iconic New Zealand school, we can ensure the fundamental issues of racism, religious intolerance and bigotry are never a part of the College experience. As we experience the light we must use it to expose the dark and act. The answer lies in what we say and what we do. It lies in how we express ourselves, how we respond when we hear racist slurs or bullying remarks, or the mocking joke that supports a stereotype. It lies in whether we stand by or step up when we see something wrong, and whether we

accept as “acceptable” that which we know to be fundamentally against the core Christian virtues of College. Such obligations apply to everyone who sees themselves as part of the College community: students, parents, staff, Old Boys and friends of the school. If there was ever a time when Christ’s College as a community made a statement for who and how we are in our relationships and aspirations it is now, as it is for everyone in New Zealand. Please enjoy College ... a celebration of diversity as strength.

Garth Wynne Christ’s College Executive Principal

Christ’s College Magazine Issue 36, Summer 2019

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