College – Issue 36

COMMUNITY & SERVICE Serving the community – with muscles and humour

When you do something for no financial gain, you actually gain a lot. The reward is not in dollars though, rather what you earn is what you learn – about yourself, your team and your capacity and capability.

of spirit, and we wanted to build on the fantastic House spirit which already exists within the Julius community. “It was heartwarming to see families, parents and boys all working in the hot sun for a great cause. It was a great opportunity to bring us all together in a hugely

positive way, interacting with Hohepa residents and staff, and to live our College virtues.” Hohepa’s CEO Arnah Trelease called College’s commitment “humbling.” “As always I was really impressed with the young men, their families

Service is a big component in each House and while all have established or are busy rebuilding engagement with various groups in the wider community, Julius, Condell’s and Harper are well into gear for 2019. For Julius, giving back to the community and inculcating a generosity of spirit are two key objectives the House holds dear. It enjoys a long association with Hohepa Homes (Canterbury), which provides a vital service for 130 adults with an intellectual disability, accommodation in 33 homes, and a wide range of services and activities. Committee in charge, 51 Julius boys, parents and siblings turned up at the Hohepa Homes Halswell facility on Sunday 3 March for a day of action. Working in six groups under the leadership of senior boys and parents, they used shovels, spades and secateurs to transform an overgrown property. “The pile of detritus grew higher and higher until it became a veritable mountain,” says Julius Housemaster Dr Mike Field. “We had three objectives: we wanted to help out in some way with the wonderful work Hohepa does, we wanted to give back to the community with a generosity With Year 12 student Josh Mortensen from the Service

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