College – Issue 36

John (Nathan Orchard), some overheard conversations and an over-enthusiastic constable – what could possibly go wrong? Our actors owned the stage and the lovelorn leads took the audience into their confidence in true Shakespearean style, breaking the fourth wall and allowing us to experience their characters’ innermost hopes and fears. With original music composed to Shakespeare’s lyrics, Balthasar (Hamish McCulloch) wooed the audience throughout and Friar Francis (Janindu Pahalawatta) provided much-needed reverence at the end of the play. It has been my privilege and pleasure to work with such a diverse group of talented and enthusiastic students. Taking an old tale and turning it into a relevant and joyous piece of theatre is no mean feat. A great deal of dedication from actors and crew, whether they were front and centre on stage or toiling

Pack in and Construction Crew Poppy Blake-Manson, Toby Brooker-Haines, Bruce Chen, Ben Davis, Helena Dray, Libby Dyson, Harriet Eglinton, Remy Fitzgerald, Jack Graham, Yngve Jordan, Henry King, Connor Matthews, Tamsin Mills, Joshua Mortensen, Alice Nixon, Camille Perelini, Peter Rutherford, Miriam Shipley, George Simpson, Vinnie Wee, Thimeth Wijesinghe, Agave Yu, Jessica Yu. Hair and Make-up Pip Stephenson, Kirsty Bell, Emma Ffowcs-Williams, Aleysha Grant, Meredith Herdman Our Heartfelt Thanks Connor Matthews, Kirsty Bell, Pip Stephenson, Christine Cheesman, Claire Sparks, MM Cables, Rachael King, Libby Sheehy, Raewyn Buckley, Rachel Tutty, Melissa Macleod, Jacqui Griffith, Rebecca Meachen, Roberta Brennan, Tim Jones, Anna Johnston, Bill Shakespeare, David Chambers, Robyn Peers, and all the staff and students, parents, friends and families (and anyone we have neglected to mention!).

tirelessly in the background, truly brought this script to life. Peter Rutherford and I are eternally grateful to the adult team, too, who joined and supported us on this merry jaunt, making their passionate and generous

contributions which allowed us to create the magical world of Much Ado About Nothing . “Man is a giddy thing, and this is my conclusion.” (Benedick) Nikki Bleyendaal Co-Director

Christ’s College Canterbury


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