College – Issue 36

“All my teachers have been amazing and have put in a huge amount of time to enable my success.” He takes some special memories of College with him on his tertiary adventures. “The first are the fun and endearing memories of good times with friends. The choir tours to Italy and

Spain in Year 9 and to Germany and Austria in Year 12 were absolutely fantastic. “But the less remarkable memories of everyday banter and solidarity with friends will probably stick with me the longest. “The other types of memories are the moments of pride – in an

“Most fundamentally College has given me opportunities – to learn, to compete, to prove myself and to experience new things. All schools provide opportunities for students, but what makes College special to me is its ability to do so in many different areas. So you can be an academic, but also a musician, a sportsperson, a debater and a leader.

Cambridge, here he comes

Old Boy and 2018 Dux Wills Wynn Thomas will start studying for the Mathematical Tripos course at Cambridge University, England, in October. He has won the prestigious Sir Douglas Myers Scholarship which provides tuition, college fees and a living allowance and is worth $60,000 per annum. The scholarship was established by the late Sir Douglas Myers 18 years ago for academically gifted students intending to return to New Zealand to become leaders in their chosen fields. Wills, 17, is keen to inspire other young people with a love for Science.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my mathematical and scientific education, but it saddens me to see that many students cannot say the same. I believe that students are repelled from science because, in many cases, it is taught in an unapproachable manner with a curriculum that often lacks the ability to engage young minds. “New Zealand needs to work on its education system if this is to improve – whether through returning to New Zealand with the experience required to advise on curriculum changes or by publicly promoting science and demonstrating its endless capacity to fascinate, inspire and enrich, I would like to make this improvement happen.”

College Issue 36 2019


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