College – Issue 36

Liam Orr – Year 12 School House Leadership

Liam’s not afraid to get involved and, when he does, he’s committed. Take the Year 12 Biology trip to Temple Basin where the class studied in a magical outdoor setting, and Liam found a new fascination in the study of alpine plants. He was also first up to do the dishes and get the meals organised, possibly a legacy of helping out at home in Blenheim. Liam got into mountain biking in Year 10 and this year, as well as competing in College teams on Wednesdays, also goes twice a week up the Port Hills, giving a lot of encouragement to the juniors and newcomers in the College club. Fitness suits his disposition, and he’s always ready to step up and lead in any setting.

Jack Elvy – Year 13 Rolleston House Gratitude

Jack Elvy credits rowing with much more than developing his physical fitness. The whole ethos of the sport appealed to him from his first days at College, and now as a Year 13 student, he sees its clear connection to his development as a person. “It’s more than the sport itself, but about what it instils and builds in you.” He’s grateful to have had Tony O’Connor as coach for four seasons. “I’m very lucky.” Joint Head of Rowing for the 2018–19 season, Jack calls it a very challenging sport, with 12 training sessions a week. He remembers looking up to the seniors, and he has adopted a style of leading by example. “The younger boys do look up to the older ones. They’re hugely influential without even knowing it.” Jack is also grateful for the College environment with its many opportunities and appreciates the “Great teachers who care and encourage and are willing to go out of their way to help you succeed. Part of what makes a subject enjoyable is having a good teacher.” Much to his surprise, just weeks after starting at College, Lewis was singing in the Chapel Choir. “I didn’t know I was any good until we all had to sing,” he recalls of the auditions. Turns out he’s a baritone. “I didn’t sing at Medbury, and I’m finding it fun with a good team spirit.” Lewis can’t wait to get involved in Drama productions, and is immersed in his favourite subjects – English, Mathematics, Physical Education and French. “It’s good to learn a new language, and really good for travelling. I like it.” He’s also played in the Year 9A cricket team and is looking forward to football in winter. The House system is a new experience entirely, “and although you don’t always see your friends in other Houses, it forces you to get to know a whole new group and to learn to get along with them.” He says coming to College could have been daunting, but things make sense in the College system. “It’s teaching me about being punctual, arriving on time with all of my gear. I have to think about what I need next and be well-organised.” Lewis Whiteside – Year 9 Harper House Zest

Christ’s College Canterbury


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