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DEVELOPMENT Jerry Rowberry Sports Scholarship Fund

Many of our parents and sponsors would like to see more talented young sportsmen have the opportunity to attend College through our scholarship programme. Our basketball and rugby communities are particularly strong in identifying talented boys and seeing their potential go far.

Sometimes these boys come from families which may not be in a position to afford to pay full College fees – and this is when a donor or sponsor can make a huge difference. By making a donation to the Jerry Rowberry Sports Scholarship Fund they can help these boys come to College.

A College legend

and awarded as a percentage of College tuition fees. An offer of a Jerry Rowberry Sports Scholarship will also reflect College’s sporting needs. If you would like to contribute to the Jerry Rowberry Fund, please contact Shelley Keach on skeach@

Named in honour of his outstanding contribution to the school, the Jerry Rowberry Sports Scholarship gives talented young sportsmen the opportunity to attend Christ’s College.

Scholarships make a difference

As a physical education teacher at College for 39 years, Jerry Rowberry guided generations of boys to be their best in sporting pursuits. Whether in his classroom practice or as a coach for basketball, rugby, athletics, sailing or road racing, Jerry’s passion for sport, for teaching new skills and promoting the benefits of regular exercise, was inspirational.

Education is one of the biggest and most important investments parents can make. Scholarships help talented boys from diverse backgrounds benefit from a College

education. Each scholarship is awarded at the Executive

Principal’s discretion. The amount offered is based on financial need

Christ’s College Canterbury


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