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London, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and without fail South Canterbury. The Young Old Boys events are in full swing ,with Auckland and Dunedin completed and Wellington and Christchurch to come. We sponsor these events to encourage engagement with local members of the CCOBA as soon as they leave College. Once again linking up with St Margaret’s College Old Girls, these events are proving popular. The Christchurch Long Lunch was oversubscribed and we were treated to Billy T James-style entertainment by Peter Rowley (8013). This year’s event, with similar style entertainer, will be held on Friday 22 November. Old Boys as role models At the annual Cocktail Party, we unveiled the first four posters of Old Boys. These are the start of many more that will be posted around College as part of a programme to show the current students what has become of some of their predecessors. The first four are: • Nigel John Dermot (Sam) Neill, DCNZM OBE (7200) • Samuel Robert Johnson (12962) • Michael James Bowie (Jock) Hobbs, CNZM (8760) • Sir Frederick Miles Warren, ONZ, KBE, FNZIA (5162) Gifting through time Chris Sellars (8018) in the Careers office beside CCOBA in the Tower has been very active connecting Old Boys with current boys to give them insights on potential careers. Please contact Justine if you would like to participate. Gifting through art James Blackie (11684) is the curator of the growing CCOBA Art Collection we acquire and gift to College. Over the last three years we have gifted:

• Untitled by Martin Basher • Under High (Volumes) by Marie Le Lievre • Time Suspended 3 by Heather Straka This year, James acquired a work called Atua #12 (pictured above) by Darryn George Head of Art at Christ's College and professional artist. Atua means many things, including “ancestor with continuing influence” – perhaps like some of the Old Boys we are celebrating. Strategy Every two years we meet to consider the strategy of the CCOBA in meeting its objectives and this will happen in April. Alignment with the school’s objectives is the goal, and the activities described

above and in previous reports show we are aligned but striving to achieve more. Once again, I remain grateful for the advice and expertise from those who help maintain the CCOBA’s relevance, namely: • Executive Principal Garth Wynne • CCOBA committee – Vice President Richard Polson (11785), Treasurer Mac Bolderston (13962), and committee members Andrew Springford (13478), Angus Dysart- Paul (14434), Edward Glubb (12797), NickHarvey (11731), and Sam Cowdy (12018) • CCOBA Secretary Justine Nicholl who runs our place like clockwork.

Geoffrey Sullivan (9514)

College Issue 36 2019


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