College – Issue 36

THE QUADRANGLE Reunion reports

20 Years On

An early morning finish for many ensured bleary eyes for an equal number of Old Boys at the Saturday morning tour of College. Air New Zealand pilot Mike “Sexy Rexy” Egden (12483) had flown in from Nelson, and Andrew “Bandit” Bell (12448) had only recently returned from a gentleman’s trip to Las Vegas thus was doing particularly well to immediately launch into drinks on the Quad, a year group photograph then lunch in the Dining Hall. The group photograph proved entertaining in itself and wide admiration was held for Pete “Free Skier” Oswald’s (12547) blatant disregard for the smart casual dress recommendation. The standard of the lunch was higher than most boarders could recall and James “The Intrepid Hunter” Morris (12539) was well suited as the designated beef carver for the table. James “Jimmy” Glasson (12489) gave a rousing after-lunch speech, which was impressive given its impromptu nature and especially given that he had been duly “stitched-up” with the task. Gough hosted a number of Old Boys at his home prior to dinner and attendance numbers close to doubled for the drinks and meal later in the evening, once various wives released their husbands (à la Chris “Pac” Mason (12528), at Sam “Orange Roughy” Hooper’s (12500) successful Victoria Street restaurant and bar, Sister Kong. All attendees thoroughly enjoyed themselves long into the evening and the reunion proved to be a great success. This was topped off when it was revealed that Stu “No. 4” Henderson (12496) had recently become engaged, which was met with rapturous applause. Thank you to all those who made the effort to be there. We look forward to some things changing, but most remaining the same, when we reconvene for our 30 Years On reunion.

A fine Friday afternoon set the scene for the weekend’s festivities, beginning with the Old Boys’ Race on Upper. A handful of the 20 Year On group took part in the athletic competition – namely Yo-An Lin (12521), Sam Lu (12670) and Jamie Gough(12491) – and largely in cocktail attire. The nostalgic high from running on Upper swiftly faded as the stitch and build-up of lactic acid promptly set in to remind Old Boys how unfit they actually were. Various pre-drink functions were held prior to the Cocktail Party and numerous jokes circulated so that Gough elected to attend the AGM – clearly a victim of his day-to-day governance dealings – rather than to attend those. In any case, a larger contingent shortly arrived and enjoyed reminiscing with former school masters and mates over an ale or three. Some even revisited their favoured smoking locations of 15-or-so years prior. Like the old days, Chris “Tia” Wagner (12580) kindly hosted a number of Old Boys at his home once formalities had concluded, or more correctly Billy and Nicky did (though their knowledge of their generous hospitality still likely remains doubtful). Back row: James Glasson, James Morris, Michael Egden, Stu Henderson, Rob Wilson Middle row: Jamie Gough, Pete Oswald, James Nissen, Tia Wagner, Andrew Bell, Sunen Bopitiya Front row: Nick Kerr, Michael Lough, Panayioti Ioannou, Ben Steele, Sam Hooper

Jamie Gough (12491)

College Issue 36 2019


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