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COMES FROM THE HEART, Not the Mouth We both started practicing law because we had personal experiences that drove us to be attorneys — experiences much like yours. We needed someone to fight for us, and that’s why we know what it takes to advocate for you. We don’t work for insurance companies. We work for people. We fight for the you because we know how much proper representation means for everyone. Our passion is rooted in people, and because of this, we always aim to operate with the integrity and moral responsibility you deserve. When we aren’t working, we love to invest in the beautiful experiences that friends and family provide. Whether it’s Kelly on her husband’s fifth-generation family farm, or Paul sending his youngest off to college and emptying his nest, our homes mean a lot to us. They provide us a


hen we joined forces over four years ago, it wasn’t because we had worked together collaboratively for over 25 years or because we stood to benefit from a merger. Rather, we saw the tremendous opportunity to make an impact in the community. Our core values aligned and led us to believe that our power to advocate

was greater together than it was apart. By merging, we could each bring a wide breadth of knowledge and experience to better serve the legal needs of the people of Connecticut. Bringing our firms together was about being better advocates, providing superior service, and helping more people. Our passion is to serve and help others. We are both inclined to advocate and fight for injured people. It’s in our very nature and drives the values on which we base our firm. Being a lawyer goes beyond just fighting and arguing, though. When we look at what we do, we don’t just see a case. We see a person.

constant source of grounding and insight for what we do. No home is complete without the ones who fill it, which is why we both adore animals. Paul has three beautiful dogs, and Kelly provides a safe haven for collie rescues on her property. She also has horses and is a certified therapy-dog handler. We came together because we want to fight for you. We aren’t two separate law offices anymore; we are one source. We want to use our team to make a meaningful difference in our community. You can go anywhere and find someone to argue for you and use legal rhetoric.


When you come to us, you’ll find skilled communicators who genuinely care and want to be passionate flag bearers for you and your cause. You’ll receive aggressive and competent legal representation. Most importantly, you’ll get results. -Paul Levin and Kelly Kasheta

Whether it’s personal injury or any other representation, we know going to court is an incredibly stressful process. We are here to take the pressure off of you and make the process as smooth as possible. Our team lightens your load by providing competent advocacy without boasting or demanding praise. It’s because of this empathy and humility that a consistently greater number of people trust us to provide for their legal needs.

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