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A ll families have someone who runs the show. In my family, it was my mother, Elisabeth. Many of you remember her at the front desk. The Braadts grew up loving being on the water. We spent Wednesdays and every weekend on our family boat on the Susquehanna River in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. She packed food for an army, which included the eight of us and any friends and family who we bumped into. She also orchestrated multiple trips to the New Jersey shore. This was before turnpikes. The eight hours were spent riding in a vehicle with all available space jammed with six kids, food, beach blankets, and my father. We were all crammed behind the wheel of the largest-production station wagon ever made: a 1961 Chrysler. “I learned from my mom the value of spending time in the company

For Sunday night dinners, she experimented on us with recipes from the “Life” cookbooks, making flaming cherries jubilee, baked Alaska (hard ice cream on a bed of sponge cake with meringue on top), a lot of veggie hors d’ oeuvres, salads, and protein. She would set the table with her fine china, and everyone had to be there, washed and ready. She would secretly invite a variety of family members, creating a large social affair, much to the dismay of my father, who preferred a calmer environment. My dad was an only child, and my mother was a social butterfly, but somehow, they worked it out. In addition to all that, she ran my dad’s chiropractic office as well, and my front desk for 13 years, from 1994–2007. Mom will celebrate her 90th birthday next May, and she’s still amazing!

it wasn’t easy. She was a great storyteller and a very kind person. Part of her family commitment included helping those in need. Her parents adopted a foster child at a very young age, despite having limited means. My maternal grandfather worked in a factory, and my grandmother worked in a laundromat. Later on, Grandfather changed jobs to be a custodian-sexton for a large cathedral that we all attended. They lived on church premises in a huge, three- story house. I grew up around the church, too, because my elementary school was on the same campus. As a kid, I helped my

My parents were children of the Great Depression. They were also part of the WWII generation. My father served in the Navy in the South Pacific — hence our love of water. My mother grew up with her older sister making her clothes and learned to be frugal to support the family. Everyone had an inside and outside job to contribute and earn money. I learned from my mom the value of spending time in the company of family and learning from each other, and sometimes

of family and learning from each other, and sometimes it wasn’t easy.”

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