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grandfather ring the bells in the bell tower, climbing up three stories through a hallway that was so narrow you had to turn sideways behind the organ in the choir loft

Handling Emotional Stress

Holiday Pressure Solutions

In the November newsletter, I discussed how stress takes various forms and can affect us all: the physical stress of pain, environmental stress from dangerous chemicals and toxins , and emotional stress of living . Holiday stress can be part of the emotional stress of living — you have presents to buy, your finances are stretched, there are family challenges, decorating needs to be done, and you have other holiday commitments that may be part of whatever traditions you follow. Regardless of the source of stress, which produces the hormone cortisol, the reaction in our bodies is the same. It’s like nearly getting hit by a car. Your muscles become tense, your teeth clench, and your blood pressure rises. Here are a few Holiday Stress Solutions , besides flying to the Caribbean for a week: Enjoy your holidays. Do something that you enjoy. Perhaps you can engage in some memorable family tradition or take time to read your favorite book. There’s a reason for the holidays; find something that gives you personal comfort. Move your body. Take a walk and look at the environment you’re in versus just listening to your mind rattle off your to-do list. L.V. Hospital has mapped an indoor walking trail, or you can check in with a nearby college, gym, or mall. California State University found that a 10-minute walk is enough to increase energy, alter mood, and effect a positive outlook for up to two hours. Laugh more, and listen to music. Watch a comedy. Research at Loma Linda University showed that comedy lowers the body’s level of stress, thereby reducing blood pressure and increasing white blood cells and your immunity. We recommend the movie “Elf” with Will Ferrell or “It’s a Wonderful Life” with James Stewart and Donna Reed. It isn’t a comedy, but it leaves my family and me feeling very appreciative of each other. Some of our favorite holiday music includes The Carpenters’ “Christmas Portrait” and “The Nutcracker” by Tchaikovsky. Whatever your traditions, secure these pleasure moments amid the bustle. Get a chiropractic adjustment. This will reduce the stress on your nervous system. Stress causes tension to build up in the muscles and joints of your body. This tension causes alterations in the normal structural alignment of your spine. This tension build-up can cause greater irritation and heightened sensitivity of the nervous system. I know you’re busy, but create time for this important step — you’ll be happy you did. I’ll have more suggestions on what you can do to have more energy, attain your ideal weight, and create and maintain a healthy lifestyle so you can chase your dreams, big and small. Enjoy a stress-free holiday season, and get ready to launch a healthy, happy new year!

overlooking the church.

The bells were rung manually, so I had to jump up on the rope with all my body weight as my grandfather pulled the rope to ring the bells. I was pulled off the floor about five feet, and I loved it! We would stay overnight at their home while my parents followed the big bands and went dancing all night. Yet they were always ready to go the next morning no matter what — parental-necessity level!

From my mom’s example, I try to continue family traditions with my wife, Georgette, and our daughter, Michelle. We all are aware that family can also be very challenging. My mother worked through these challenges and still saw the glass as half full. Although I’m not quite as good as she is, I’ve learned to handle what

needs to be done and always expect things to work out. The three of us still enjoy Sunday dinners together and catch up with extended family in between. December holidays can be both joyful and stressful. I’m including a few tips to help you better navigate this time of year. Whether you celebrate with your original family members or your created family, we wish you a happy holiday season and a Merry Christmas! Again, thank you for your trust in me.

In knowledge and health,

–Dr. Paul Braadt




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