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T here were two minutes left in an autumn soccer game, and the score remained deadlocked at 0-0. My daughter Lindsay, a solid defensive player since she was a little girl, and her team had been beaten by these same foes with a score of 2-5 in a game the day before. But their most recent matchup, the aforementioned stalemate, was for the championship. As the clock continued to wind down, Lindsay’s team scored the first goal of the game. The entire team lost their minds, and the sidelines went nuts. I couldn’t celebrate just yet. There were still two minutes on the clock, and a lot can happen in two minutes. Lucky for Lindsay and her team, nothing did. They won the championship game in their tournament! This group of girls, most of whom have been playing together for years, were able to overcome the adversity of being beaten by their rivals and held their own in a tough fight. This is a common weekend in the Earley household. My wife and I have a rule that each of our kids has to be involved in something. It can be anything productive; they just have to do something outside of the home. Lindsay has been active on school, youth, and traveling soccer teams for years. She’s good at what she does, and she enjoys being with her teammates. Her mom and I love that she’s being active and getting involved, and we enjoy watching her games. As long as they’re called fairly, we don’t care about the outcome.

some of the regimens she’s involved in right now, and her expertise helps our little athletes stay motivated and trained. Our youngest daughter, Natalie, who will soon turn 8, has been getting more involved in gymnastics. We’ve set up



a bar and a beam in the basement for her to practice, and she does flips, roundoffs, and cartwheels throughout the house all day every day. We’ve gotten her involved at a gym that does team gymnastics, and her coach is a former world-class gymnast. We’re excited to see where this adventure takes her, but she already loves it. As for my middle daughter, Paige, who will be 12 years old soon, she’s still figuring out what her “thing” is going to be. She was a dancer for five years, and she tried softball last year. Paige mentioned recently that she might try cross-country, which as an avid runner, I love. Seeing her actively try new things and take an interest in so many different activities makes me proud. She’s getting a flurry of new experiences at a young age. I do wish Lindsay would take a lesson from her younger sisters and try something other than soccer, but as long as all three of our girls are active, healthy, and happy, my wife and I are content.

It helps, too, that my wife, Karen, is a fitness instructor who teaches several classes per week at Main Line Health. Body combat, body attack, and kettlebell training are

Plus, last-minute goals at championship soccer matches are exhilarating — even when the game is played by a bunch of 14-year-olds.

–-Chris Earley

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