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In Prescott-Russell, there are 43 confir- NFE$07*%DBTFT XJUIJO4UPSNPOU %VOEBT(MFOHBSSZ BOE JO$PSOXBMM%S Roumeliotis is “not surprised” at the larger OVNCFSPGDBTFT JO1SFTDPUU3VTTFMM)F OPUFE UIF SFHJPO JTDMPTF UP0UUBXBBOE many Prescott-Russell residents work in 0UUBXB XIJDINFBOTBHSFBUFS MJLFMJIPPE

of accidental exposure. .PSFUIBOUFTUTGPS$07*%IBWF been done at the five assessment centres set up in the Five Counties area and the City PG$PSOXBMM5IF)BXLFTCVSZDFOUSFUFTUUPUBM JT XJUIBUUIF$PSOXBMMUFTUDFOUSF  BU$BTTFMNBO GPS3PDLMBOE BOE BU8JODIFTUFS


So far Prescott-Russell’s seniors care homes are free of the pandemic problems plaguing similar facilities elsewhere in Ontario and other Canadian provinces. —supplied photo


TFOJPSTIPNFT0OUBSJPBMTPIBTB MBSHF OVNCFSPGDPOàSNFE$07*%DBTFTBNPOH senior residents of retirement and long-term care facilities. 5IF&0)6IBTTFUVQBDPOTVMUBUJPODPN - mittee to maintain contact with local seniors care facilities regarding their situations. Dr. 3PVNFMJPUJTSFBGàSNFEUIBUUIF&0)6IBT not received any reports of any seniors in local care facilities who have contracted $07*% "UQSFTFOUUIF&0)6IBTDPOàSNFE DBTFTPG$07*%TQSFBEUISPVHIPVUUIF United Counties of Prescott-Russell, the United Counties of Stormont-Dundas-Glen- garry, and the City of Cornwall. Three of those cases are receiving hospital treatment.

There are no COVID-19 outbreaks for Prescott-Russell’s senior care and reti- rement homes says Eastern Ontario’s chief medical health officer. “At this point, we do not have any out- breaks in any long-term care facility,” said Dr. Paul Roumeliotis, chief medical health PGàDFSGPSUIF&BTUFSO0OUBSJP)FBMUI6OJU &0)6 EVSJOHPOFPGIJTEBJMZ SFHJPOBM media teleconference last week. Dr. Roumeliotis responded to questions regarding recent mainstream media reports DPODFSOJOHTFSJPVTPVUCSFBLTPG$07*%  including fatalities in B.C. and Québec

Someone either cannot read or chose to ignore the «clothing only» notice on the Canadian Diabetes Association’s collection box at the corner of County Road 17 and Landry Road in Rockland. People using charity drop-off sites as unofficial dumping grounds for household garbage are a continuing problem for non-profit groups. —photo Gregg Chamberlain

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