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the program, EZShield switched its energy provider and has saved about $9,000 since. For EZShield, the Client Advantage Program helps to run an even more effi- cient business, allowing the company to focus on its customers and their identity protection while St. John Properties takes care of EZShield’s vendor needs. “I really commend St. John Properties,” Fink explained, “because it’s nice to know that not only are they our landlord, but they really are looking out for us.”

and not only that, they also worked with us in canceling our prior provider,” she said. EZShield is busy protecting its clients from fraud, so St. John Properties’ Client Advantage Program allows the company to do its job well, while making sure its office is the most efficient place to do so. “It wasn’t something I was even shopping for, so that’s what was really nice,” Fink said. “They were able to bring to my attention that we were paying too much for our energy bill.” With the service of

EZShield provides identity fraud protection services, partnering with large businesses in order to protect their end users from identity fraud. “We have many products that allow us to do this,” said Rachel Fink, director of human resources. “We specialize specifi- cally in not only checking account protec- tion but also internet monitoring, credit card monitoring, identity restoration, as well as resolution services in the event that one of our customers does experi- ence a breach.” Since 2001, EZShield has educated clients and produced their fraud protection soft- ware and technology. As a client of St. John Properties, EZShield is also a member of the Client Advantage Program. In addition to saving time, EZShield has been able to save thousands of dollars on its energy bill alone with the program.

It was extremely easy to sign up, Fink explained. “They did all the work for us,



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