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As a fashion retailer at the cutting edge of its industry, South Moon Under needed a space that would reflect its unique transition from small surf shack to upscale brand. St. John Properties made this search easier with the added value of the Client Advantage Program.

upscale environment that encourages visitors to express themselves in their style. Artistic merchants travel the U.S. to choose socially, environmentally and ethically responsible brands to make the world a better place. South Moon Under seeks to focus on fashion — not on property details that the Client Advantage Program can take off management’s hands. “We are very happy with our choice,” Smith said.

Unlike other programs that are complicated and time-consuming for tenants, St. John Properties’ program is streamlined and simplified. For South Moon Under, enrolling in the program was simple, freeing up the store’s leadership to make other important business decisions. “It was very easy,” Smith said. “We exchanged one email, [had] one conver- sation and ... one set of documents to complete and sign. [Property Manager] Ed Okonski from St. John Properties was quick to offer their savings options and was, as always, a great partner.” The growing fashion leader has stores located along the East Coast, so making the most of potential savings is important for sustainable growth. This doesn’t mean that South Moon Under is willing to compromise — the company has tailored a relaxed, enjoyable,

South Moon Under uniquely combines a carefree, easygoing surf mindset with edgy fashion smarts. The busy fashion center is constantly changing, with the store revolving various popular brands (like Free People, Blank NYC, Sanctuary, Sam Edelman, Steve Madden and many more) through its doors and to its customers. With stores this busy, South Moon Under managers need helpful property partners to handle property details. This is just one way that St. John Properties’ Client Advantage Program allows its tenants to focus on what is most important to them. “This service was provided as a recom- mendation from SJP, which was welcomed, and as a result we did not [need to] shop around,” said Michael Smith, CEO of South Moon Under. “[St. John Properties’] concern for the success of their tenants comes through in many ways. This was just another example.”



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