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Summer is a time for big vacations and travel plans. There’s something about warm weather after a long winter that makes people want to get away from their daily routines. This summer, my big plans involve — hopefully — taking a trip somewhere with my family. I don’t mean we need to grab our passports and take to the skies. If we can just get out into the woods and do some camping, I’ll be happy.

quarters in the caboose. In the past decade, automatization changed the way trains function, demanding fewer people. Without a full crew, there was no need for cabooses anymore. Seeing a creative opportunity, one of the Heavenly Acres owners decided to go around and buy up various cabooses. The cabooses at Heavenly Acres aren’t just decoration, they’re additional rental units for the campgrounds. While the exteriors look like they could still be hooked up to a passing train, the interiors have been completely renovated. They each have beautiful hardwood floors, new beds, air conditioning, an updated kitchen and bathroom, and a nice deck leading up to the door. The result is a comfy cabin of sorts, perfect for our family of four. I started in railroad law myself and have a soft spot for trains. My girls, Dalya and Emmi, love going to the campground, too, especially when they were younger and could climb all over the safety bars throughout the caboose. We haven’t been to Heavenly Acres for a few years now, but I would definitely like to visit again. In the summer, there’s a lot to do, including hiking, swimming, and other fun family activities.

reminded that life’s too short. You need to get out there and appreciate the people you have and enjoy time with loved ones while you still can. When we’re swept up in the stress of a busy week or even the comfort of daily schedules, it’s easy to forget how fleeting life really is. We never know when our time together is going to end.

Summer is a great time to step out of our schedules and take some time to be with the people we love. I’m trying to do that more often, whether that means taking a trip the beach house, hiking through the woods, or enjoying those rare nights when I get to be home in time for dinner. My family is important to me, and I love every second we’re together. – Joseph Miller

My wife, Carol, isn’t a big fan of tents, so we tend to pick campgrounds with cabins. There’s a place I really like near Shenandoah National Park called Heavenly Acres. Located right at the bottom of the Blue Ridge Mountains, you can expect any site in the area to be beautiful, but Heavenly Acres has a special feature you won’t find at many other places: There are train cabooses scattered throughout the campsite. Years ago, at least six people were required to run a train, and they shared sleeping

It’s been a rough year for us on the family front. We’ve lost loved ones and were

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