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Happy Fourth of July from all of us at the Smiley Law Firm! Whether you’re heading to The Fly to enjoy the river ahead of the fireworks show or just taking the day to barbecue with your friends and family, I hope you have a great Independence Day. After all, it’s celebrations like these that remind us what freedom is all about. It’s important to reflect on the initial act of liberty and defiance we’re celebrating. When the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776, their minds weren’t on fireworks or picnics. They’d all face treason charges and execution if the revolution failed. But they signed their names anyway, believing the benefits of a nation of liberty far outweighed the risk to their own lives. But we don’t only celebrate the anniversary of this historic declaration. We also honor those who fought to make and keep its promise a reality. It’s one thing to write that all men are created equal, and it’s another to bring that equality about. From the first shots of the Revolution to this very day, ordinary Americans have risked life and limb to protect and extend the promise of July 4, 1776. Thanks to generations of brave men and women serving in our armed forces abroad and to dedicated civil rights activists here at home, the light of liberty and equality continues to shine bright. This day is a time to honor their sacrifices and reaffirm the ideals they’ve fought and continue to fight for.

And finally, the Fourth of July is a time for gratitude. Even now, in the 21st century, many countries don’t enjoy the peace, stability, and opportunity that our nation does. War, crushing poverty, and oppressive regimes continue to deny people a voice around the world. Simply having the time to shoot off fireworks and enjoy some grilled shrimp is a gift we owe to the Constitution and those who have given their blood, sweat, and tears to defend it. So, when we celebrate, it’s important that we enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to do so.

it is, I wouldn’t miss this chance to slow down and be with my kids for the world. Jude and Luke love the fireworks — I still do too, if I’m being honest. So, from our family to yours, have a safe and wonderful Fourth of July!

God Bless America,

-Seth Smiley

For my part, I’ll be spending the holiday with family. With my profession being as hectic as

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