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What Does Freedom Really Mean to You?

How I Celebrate Independence I don’t believe we have a nation full of citizens who have

F reedom is everything, and yet we often take it for granted. When you take a look around the world, there’s a lot of injustice. Individuals in other nations are persecuted for the simple fact that they hold a belief system that is different than what their government requires. In America, we have rights that protect our beliefs. The Founding Fathers created a binding contract that empowers every person to pursue the life they find the most abundant for themselves. But here we are, a nation divided. A country without structure can become lost. Our soldiers and public servants put their lives on the line every day so that we can remain free. Unfortunately, this sentiment has become a point of division in our country. But I don’t believe we have a nation full of citizens who have hatred and animosity toward one another. I hold fast to the ideal that people are very kind and giving at their core. Here’s the issue: Good news doesn’t sell. Media airtime is dedicated to one horrific display after another. Each event goes under a magnifying glass and is beaten to a pulp until no one trusts their neighbor anymore. News outlets rarely make time for stories the public truly needs—ones of people going above and beyond to show kindness to their neighbors. This is why independence in our society is as important as ever, especially when it comes to our actions. I believe one of the best ways to celebrate our individual liberties is to spend time with those whomean the most to us. Perhaps the best gesture tomake is to take a step back fromdigital devices and find the serenity that comes from connecting with family and friends. I believe that if we all took time to invest in one another, we’d see more kindness and hear more truth than we do on the nightly news. This belief isn’t because I turn a blind eye to the

hatred and animosity toward one another.

reality of the world in which we live — I’d rather hear a painful truth than a dolled-up lie. I see the world with a positive outlook

because I honestly believe people are good at heart.

bestowed on you as a citizen of this country any way you see fit. Holiday or no holiday, hold tight to your beliefs and even tighter to your personal liberties.

The Fourth of July is a great time to demonstrate our joy and gratitude. Whether it’s by shooting

-Jamie Harrington

off fireworks or just taking time to be content with our lives, we should all show appreciation for freedom in our own ways. Personally, I elect to have a slower pace of life on the Fourth. My mom suffers fromAlzheimer’s, so we spend time together with her. For the rest of the holiday, we have a cookout with that goon, Freckles, and enjoy a break fromour usually hectic lives. I respect everyone who heads down to the beach, but it’s just a madhouse down there. The opportunity to unplug and fellowship with each other is infinitely more valuable tome. Freckles may not know the difference, because he just chows down on our holiday food regardless, but my husband and I appreciate the quality time and relaxation. I hope y’all got everything you wanted out of the Fourth of July this year. Regardless of what other people think— includingme—you can pursue the freedoms

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