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YOU PROVIDE A SURE INCOME FOR YOUR OLDER DAYS Y OU kill two birds with one stone, when you place money in the Bible Annuity Bonds of New York Bible Society. First, you provide for yourself a dependablé income for the rest of your life. Second, you take part in the great work of the Society in dis­ tributing God’ s Word. ; AS HIGH AS 9 % These Bible Annuity Bonds pay you more than most safe commercial investments. They yield from 4% to 9%, depending on your age. And unlike most other investments, they require no attention. The rate can never fluctuate. Even if you lose the bonds them­ selves, your income continues: just the same. Every six months, year after year, as long as you live, the mail man brings you a check for the same depend­ able amount.' Your money is kept in your name as a distinct fund in perpetuity. When you no longer haye need fór; thè income, it will be devoted to.the Society’s* work of Bible distribution. The principal, will never be spent. It will go on_ forever, yielding interest^ which will be used in winning people tò Christ through the reading o f God’s Wordi


For 121 years—since 1809—the New York Bible Society has been active giving the Gospel to those who sorely need its guidance and comfort—blind folk too poor to buy an expensive raised-type Bible ^forgotten =sick people in the public wards of hos­ pitals—forlorn men- and women in prisons—poverty- stricken families in the great slums—bewildered im­ migrants in a vast city and country—lonely sailors far from home and friends. Last year the, Society distributed almost a million Bibles, Testaments and Bible portions. Great as its work has been, never has the Society had enough funds to meet all of its opportunities for doing good. Always it has been necessary to curtail and limit its activities in providing the Scriptures for those in need of solace, inspiration and guidance. The Society’s Bible Annuity Bonds give you an opportunity to share in .this vital work at the same time that you assure yourself a dependable income. As you receive as high as 9% with absolute safety you can' have the same satisfaction as the bond holder who recently wrote: “I am convinced there is no better way o f reaching lost souls and those in need _of comfort than through the distribution of the Gospel.” ^ Mail Coupon for Free Booklet Without obligating you in the least, an interesting, illustrated booklet entitled ‘‘A Truly Christian In­ vestment” will be sent you. Simply fill in and mail the coupon today.

Commissioner of Immi­ gration, Benj. M. Day, wrote: “ The value of your work of ministry and service is immeas­ urable^ deserving of the commendation of a l l right thinking people;“ An Immigrant s a i d : “ The only language I know is Russian. With this Gospel in Russian and English parallel, I can learn the language of my new country.” The Governor of a great state wrote: “ The work your organization has d o n e in distributing Bibles to all the peo­ ples has added not only’ to the religious. life of the individuals ben efi­ ted but has also been material contribution to world progress.’’ From a Prisoner: “ I ex­ pect to leave here in two months and I shall take the Bible along with me and carry it wherever I go.” A Hospital Patient: “ I had never read the Bi­ ble until you gave me the Gospel of St. Mark. Since then, 1 read the Bible every day.”

If You Want to Help but Have No Money to Invest- If you want,to take part in the Society’s work o f distributing Bibles but cannot place as much as $100 in an Annuity Bond, you can make a direct contribution of any amount you wish. Every dollar you give will be used immediately in providing Bibles for the needy. $5 will buy 500 single;Gospels or 50 New Testaments or 10 complete Bibles. $46 will buy q complete Bible in raised type for some discouraged blind person who can read only with his fingers. The coupon on the left is for your conve­ nience in sending what you can.


NEW YORK BIBLE SOCIETY 5 East 48th Street, Dept. 37, New York, N. Y.

Please send me a copy of your booklet “ A Truly Christian Invest- » ment” which describes in full your Bible Annuity Bonds. This I places me under no obligation. Name. .Age....P...... I

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City.............. ......................................................-.........................State...™......... □ Kindly use the enclosed $...................... to buy Bibles for those who sorely- need the help of God’s Word.

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