American Consequences - August 2017

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several times. They were, in fact, vivacious personalities, and both were very funny. But that aside, it is important to remember that at the time Milton Friedman was writing we were facing a very different set of central- banking problems than we are today. I think Friedman’s common sense is always reliable, but sometimes the subjects he applies that common sense to need to be updated. Could Really Be Coming to the U.S. Hi Gents: Next year, the U.S. will spend in excess of $600 billion on its defence, or should we say military. According to the International Institute for Strategic Studies... the U.S. outspends the next 10 countries put together! And what’s more incredible is that the last war America ‘won’ was WWII. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan have all been quagmires. Especially Afghanistan, where America has been at war since 2001! America supposedly pulled out in 2014, and yet the bombing and droning against bearded men hiding in caves continues. The big question is this; When will the American people finally wake up and realise that spending such huge sums of Re: Well-Known Defense Expert Shows What

their tax dollars on defence is a terrible, terrible waste?

The military-industrial complex is taking roughly 20% of all U.S. government revenues. President Dwight D. Eisenhower saw this coming and actually warned the American public of its dangers. With $20 trillion of government debt, roughly $50 trillion in unfunded government entitlement programs, trillions of dollars in unfunded public employee pension funds, and several U.S. states on the verge of bankruptcy, America has reached the point of no return. The implosion of the U.S.S.R. apparently has been forgotten by American policy makers who seem to think; That could never happen here! That sort of hubris is exactly why it can happen in America. And most likely will... sooner rather than later. – Steve Previs Richard Maybury comment: Those statistics are widely used, and as far as I know, accurate, but not true. They should come with a very large footnote saying that the other governments do not have global empires to control. The U.S. “defense” budget is actually the U.S. “domination” budget. For instance, an unknown but certainly large portion of Navy spending goes to building and sending warships to ports around the world to “show

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