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06 Letter From the Editor

86 What’s Andrew Left Up To Today

Editor in Chief: P.J. O’Rourke Editorial Director: Carli Flippen Managing Editor: Steven Longenecker Contributing Editors: Jesse Barron, Turney Duff, Dr. David Eifrig, Andrew Ferguson, Dan Ferris, Kim Iskyan, Michael H. Maggelet, Buck Sexton, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud Newswire Editors: Scott Garliss, John Gillin, Greg Diamond Creative Director: Erica Wood Cartoon Director: Frank Stansberry Contributing Cartoonists: Darrin Bell, Michael Ramirez, Mike Smith, Gary Varvel General Manager: Jamison Miller Advertising: Sam DeCroes, Jared Kelly, Jill Peterson Editorial feedback: feedback@ AMERICAN CONSEQUENCES

20 What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

88 What Are Corporations For? BY P.J. O’ROURKE

22 What Moved the Market

92 A Conversation With... GLENN BECK

24 Blue Apron: A Two-Sided Tale on Wall Street BY TURNEY DUFF 28 How Robber Barons Became Robin Hoods BY ANDREW FERGUSON

96 Ask These Seven Questions Before Buying Any IPO BY KIM ISKYAN

100 Read This

34 Quizzed at the Urinal BY DR. STEVE SJUGGERUD

102 The Final Word BY BUCK SEXTON

36 North Korea’s Inevitable Nuclear Threat Is Here BY MICHAEL H. MAGGELET

106 Featured Contributors

TWO SIDES TO AMAZON 46 ‘Loss Is the New Black’ BY DAN FERRIS 56 How to Get Rich Without Turning a Profit BY DR. DAVID EIFRIG

66 These Folks Aren’t Playing With Monopoly Money BY P.J. O’ROURKE 70 Andrew Left: The Bounty Hunter of Wall Street BY JESSE BARRON

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