American Consequences - August 2017

I said that I expected we could see a similar type of Melt Up this time around. Nobody cared... Instead of getting mobbed by an excited crowd... “How do I trade it?”... “What do I buy?”... Nobody really asked me anything afterward. I got “crickets.” It’s all right. I know what it means. It tells me that nobody cares about U.S. stocks. Still. It blows my mind. We’re more than eight years into this bull market – and nobody cares about stocks yet. It’s shocking. It’s not just individual investors. Fund managers feel the same way. My friend David Tice, an investing expert and former manager of the Prudent Bear Fund, tells me that “U.S. fund managers haven’t been this underweight U.S. stocks since 2008.” It’s crazy. It also tells me that there’s still PLENTY of upside left in U.S. stocks. Remember the market peak in real estate, when EVERYBODY was “in real estate”? I expect we will have a similar feeling about the stock market when it peaks. We are still a long way from that. Again, I can tell how popular an investing idea is by the size of the crowd I draw after I step down from the podium. This week, I talked about my Melt Up thesis – and nobody cared. When U.S. stocks get so popular that I’m still getting questions all the way to the urinal, I will let you know... We are definitely not there yet. There’s still plenty of upside ahead...

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud first wrote about his “Melt Up” thesis in our inaugural issue of American Consequences. Since then, Steve’s research was highlighted at a private investment conference by one of the biggest names on Wall Street. In early July, well-known institutional investor David Tice called Steve “brilliant” – and said he has been following his Melt Up work closely – live on financial television. ( See the clip for yourself right here. The reference begins a little after the 2:00 mark.) And late last month, veteran market strategist Ed Yardeni echoed Steve’s bullish call... even borrowing Steve’s terminology. If you’re an investor or retiree intrigued by Steve’s Melt Up research... and want to know what sectors and stocks will see the biggest gains... you owe it to yourself to learn more. You can get access to Steve’s research – including his Melt Up “blueprint” by clicking right here. (Your access includes a 30-day, 100% risk-free guarantee.)

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