American Consequences - August 2017

still account for roughly 5%-10% of retail spending. Whether you think that online spending will account for 30%, 50%, or 90% of spending in the future, it’s clear that it will be multiple times larger than it is now. And the primary beneficiary will be Amazon. Second, you can be sure that Amazon will have the ability to be massively profitable at any time. It may wait a long time to turn on the profit spigot, but it’s there waiting. Third, Amazon will have more big hits. We don’t know just what they are yet, but it will have multiple products that succeed and transform the company, as AWS and Prime have already. Don’t let valuation and short-term thinking keep you from investing in one of the best businesses in the world. Investors pay a triple-digit price-to-earnings ratio because they legitimately believe it's got such a bright future that it will justify the price.

Dr. David Eifrig initially wrote about Amazon for his Retirement Millionaire

subscribers... Since then, folks who invested in his recommendation are up by double- digit gains – double the S&P 500 index. And recently, he detailed an even more impressive opportunity... a “ one-day cash event .” The last time the government did this in 2012, you could have collected separate, one-time payments of $1,383... $2,844... and $3,620, while barely lifting a finger. Now it’s about to happen again... Nearly every president since 1980 has quietly used this approach to get cash in the hands of everyday Americans. Now Trump is planning the biggest potential payouts yet. Warning: To collect, you must be an investor and make one specific move in advance of a certain projected deadline. Don’t worry – it’s easy to position yourself. Get the details here .

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